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I've been a bit busy with my new dog! including making stuff for him....OBVIOUSLY

Hi all , I’ve been a bit quiet recently as we got a new rescue dog 7 weeks ago from the Blue Cross.

His name is Tom and he is a Lurcher - was underweight ( but gaining now) , lovely chap though. No indications of cruelty but possibly an abandoned poaching/coarser dog. He has settled in beautifully!

BUT he has taken all my spare time, although I have found time to make him coats and beds :slight_smile:

Would like to see your crafty pet projects too !

(PS. my shop IS open but I have had to get Tom to chase out a few dust bunnies )


He is a beauty @WittyDawn and I love the bed you have made him x

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That’s quite rare Boras vintage fabric ! it was a little faded but in mint condition that fabric on that bed would be well over £30. He doesn’t know how posh is is LOL.

He’s a great dog - I urge people to consider rescue dogs as pets - they don’t necessarily have issues , often they are just unlucky. He is people friendly, dog friendly, had some training already, recalls well, walks on lead well. I doubt he was housetrained ( outdoor dog?) but that is causing minimal issues, utterly loopy if he sees a cat or rabbit but we can work on that. Basically I have sort of taken a month or two off from WittyDawn to settle/train him - it helps if you are able to put the hours in.


He is lovely @WittyDawn our son has adopted a rescue Lurcher too he is called Biscuit and could be Tom’s twin. He has such a lovely nature. Many happy years to you and Tom.

Gill x

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They are lovely dogs - lunatics when ‘zooming’ but sofa hogs when not! so clean and quiet in the house too.

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Alas no pets in this house hold (we like travelling too much and feel it would be unfair to keep putting them in kennels) but I now have dog bed envy (I’m the sort that sits on the floor so appreciates a nice big cushion). Did you see the lurcher or whippet that was in the winning team of fly ball at Crufts? Put the collies to shame whizzing over the hurdles and they are no slouches.

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Absolutely wonderful<3
It’s always lovely to hear about animals getting new homes. Our Yorkie was a rescue one, someone asked us if we’d take him because they where going to tie him to a fence and leave him if no one would take him. He had clearly been mis treated, frightened of bowls, on edge, cowering all the time, thin, wouldn’t drink… But with a bit if tlc he’s come a long way. He has a home with us now and people who remember seeing him before he was with us always comment on he happy and healthy he looks. We can all do that for a doggy :slight_smile:

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Aaah he’s lovely!! Very handsome!
I totally agree with people rescuing! We certainly don’t need more puppies bred that’s for sure! But yeah- quite often they just find themselves in unfortunate circumstances. Throughout my childhood we always had rescue dogs and cats. But a few weeks ago my dad had to use the rescue centre we always took animals from!
My mum is in care now- she has been for the last 15 months but is now in a care home, and my 24 year old brother moved out of the family home leaving just my dad, who works long hours sporadically as he is on the road a lot, and their dog being left at home all the time just wasn’t fair at all- and I couldn’t have her as I live in a flat with my house bunny. So unfortunately he had to take her to the rescue centre we always used. It is sad, but hopefully someone will really want her!
Like most rescue places now it’s £120 to rescue a dog from there (I know it can be more in some places) and they come out and do house checks several times and insist you get to know the dog on their site before you take them home for a trial- I think anyone who takes the time to go through that clearly really wants the dog and isn’t just a sporadic buyer looking online to see what puppies are available. Rescue relationships are usually the ones that last- and you can end up with such a quirky fun pet!

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What a lovely lad, I’m sure Tom is going to love his new home and all his lovely goodies made by you.
I’ve had resuce greyhounds over the years (only one at a time) and are now on our fourth. Katie is now 10 and we’ve had her from 4 years old. I can’t imagine my house without a loving pet in it.
Here’s a picture of Katie in a typical pose for her


We are thinking of doing agility training with him

Gorgeous girl!

Wow he’s gorgeous! I’ve been looking at our greyhound rescue site this week, they’re lovely creatures, so soft and affectionate.

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Susannah do you know about The Cinnamon Trust? They help to keep pets and terminally ill / elderly owners together for as long as possible by walking dogs, taking pets to the vets and grooming salon, cleaning bird cages - anything really that is pet related.

I volunteer with them in the Ormskirk area and I also donate 20% of my pet portrait income.


Aah that’s really nice, and a really nice thing to give towards. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately nothing like that would be suited to my mum and dad. My mum has since suffered brain damage and doesn’t actually seem to remember their dog- which is a good thing! She can’t really speak either and is paralysed from the neck down, so we’re keeping quiet about the rehoming!! Just to keep her stress levels as low as possible! She’s not terminally ill but she’s never going to be able to come home either. I think it was just getting to be too much hard work for my dad having to worry about getting home to feed/walk her. He has kept their cat- but cats are easy! Haha :slight_smile:

@WittyDawn He is beautiful, not surprised you have been distracted :slight_smile:
My old boy was a blue cross rescue too .

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What a lovely boy Tom is - and I love his new accessories!

We have a rescue dog, too, Brock. He was an ex-farm dog, came to us very underweight,ill, with wounds, and terrified of people, due to mis-treatment. He is quite a little belter now and sitting at my feet as I type! I am amazed how dogs can recover and trust people again. Definitely recommend rescuties! (You can just see a corner of a crocheted blanket I made for him!)


We’ve seen no sign of mistreatment from Tom, a relaxed fellow. I suspect he has been with quite a pack at some point as he is very well socialized but possibly kept outdoors as not really housetrained but improved massively in this regard. When you stop to chat with other dog walkers about half the dogs round here ( a very doggy place - about 17 in our road!) are rescues.

Lots of Blue Cross adoptees around here :slight_smile:

A good rescue will find a good place for your dog I’m sure - has been in a good home so will suit someone very well :wink: obviously the right thing for you all , best wishes to you x

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They are very nice types - quite lazy ! mine has been asleep all afternoon but then he is coming down the pub with us later lol. Quite bonkers when they get the urge to run though. Tom is a lurcher - we’ve no idea what mix he is, greyhound but I’d guess he has a bit of Staffordshire Bull Terrier in him - has a staffie bow legged waddle to him and his face has echoes of that type. Possiblly some Lab as well. You can get them DNA tested to find out .