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I've just changed my shop banner

What do you think? and do you change yours regularly, maybe for special occasions or the seasons etc or do you like to keep yours the same. I’d love to hear your thoughts :slight_smile:


I have just had a peek, and immediately had a smile on my face! Never thought about changing my banner, but what you have done is food for thought,
Suzzie x

It’s absolutely beautiful. Wonderful work : )

Hi! I always planned to change my banner, but people liked it, so I’ve kept it. May change it one day. Really love your new banner, looking good! :slight_smile:

Your banner looks fab Jan. :blush:

I like the idea of changing your banner with the seasons. I would love to change mine one day but it always seems to go pear shaped so I’ve kind of stuck with my first banner.


I have no idea how to do it! When I started on Folksy, A lovely fellow folksy seller offered to do it for me and I have stuck with the same one ever since. Would love to know what to do.

Jacqueline x

That’s a lovely banner :slight_smile: . I change mine with the seasons, I have two at the moment, a spring/summer one and an autumn one. They are both the same style.

I should make a winter one too.

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I really want to be able to change my banner, but have no idea how to do it! Have tried various ways and always failed :frowning:

Yours is lovely :slight_smile:

That looks lovely and festive. :smile: I changed my cover photo on my Facebook page to a festive one last year but I’ve never changed my Folksy banner, although I’ve toyed with the idea.

@TeodoraPaintings I love your seasonal banners! :smile:

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hi there - have you got an image you would like to use? or do you mean make a new one from scratch?

have you got any software like photoshop etc? you can make a simple banner using that. i used free software to create mine.

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I have several I would like to make from scratch for use at different times of year. I managed to do a photo to the right size for a banner, but it’s not entirely satisfactory.

Thanks Sally - I will have a look into photo shop - I don’t know if I have it, but will find out and give it a go xx

i have photoshop elements which i had free and corel paint essentials which was free - i think there is other free software you can get.

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I like your new banner and I think it is a good idea to change regularly to reflect which products you think will sell or which are your hottest new designs. It keeps the shop looking fresh.

Love Sam x

Ooh-Everybody who wants to change their banner-try Canva. I signed up to it yesterday and have been playing around with new designs. You can sign up with your FB login and it’s really easy to use your current photos to create things. The Folksy one can be made with custom pixel size (just put the size in the box) and looks really good with 4 small square shots like Jan’s shop. It’s also free! :smile:

Love Sam x


Sounds good! I did a word one yesterday but had to get a friend to convert it to a jpeg as my computer didn’t want to let me do that. It’ll tide me over until Christmas, but that gives me time to have a look at Canva and try some new designs :slight_smile:

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I think your new banner is great. I’ve just changed mine too. (I,m really fortunate that my daughter is a junior graphic designer so she knows what she’s doing, otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue!)
Claire x


I’ve never heard of Canva, I’m off for a nosey :smile:

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