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Juggling more than one online shop

(Karen Ellam) #1


Please don’t shoot me down for bringing up this topic. It’s an area that I know some folks are uncomfortable discussing, but I’m sure lots of us can relate.

I’ve always been a keep my eggs in one basket kind of girl, but recently came to realise that if I don’t reach out to other places my dream could be in jeopardy.

I’m not going to name any other online shops as I don’t want to ruffle any feathers.

What I wanted to ask was how do you find juggling more than one outlet?
Promotion wise, listing…

I tend to make one off items so it’s abit scary listing them in two places at once. I know the odds of someone ordering the same thing at exactly the same time is slim, but it could happen.

Any advice would be really appreciated.


(Roz) #2

I’ve had more than one shop for several years and list items in both at the same time (although I don’t list everything in the other shop, just a few select items). I find if you have your phone (or similar) set up to give you email and paypal notifications you can be pretty quick off the mark removing any sold item from the other shop. I haven’t yet sold the same thing in 2 places but I suppose it could happen but then I have had occasion buying from shops that sell mass produced items not having the item I’ve ordered in stock and while annoying it wouldn’t necessarily put me off shopping there again. If you set your lead times slightly longer you could always make up a comparable item for your duplicate customer. I suppose a lot depends on how many items you sell on average - I’m lucky to get more than a few a month so I guess the risk is minimal, if I was selling several items a day then I may have to rethink. It can get a bit hair raising at busy times like Christmas but if it becomes a problem you can always put one shop on holiday or list different items in each shop.

As far as promotion goes, my shop on Folksy is the only shop I actively promote - it is linked to my Facebook page, twitter etc and on my business cards. Ultimately Folksy is the place I want to be and where I want to drive my customers. I pick up the odd sale elsewhere and while it continues to bring in sufficient revenue to cover my production costs and listing fees and a bit of profit I will continue to keep it open. If it goes stagnant then I will probably close it and just remain on here.

Good luck - I hope you find a happy balance.

(Tina Martin) #3

Just started juggling two outlets, the other outlet isn’t that busy yet. Although I do concentrate on my shop here I have done some promotion for my other outlet but I intend to keep my shop here as my main focus, especially as I have a plus account here which works really well for me.
I make sure I have enough stock to cover both. Like you I felt that I had to venture out to other places, so I guess I’ll see how it goes.

All the best if you give it a go. :slight_smile:

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(Sarah Eves) #4

I think many sellers on Folksy juggle more than one shop and find it absolutely fine.

In four years of juggling two shops I have only ever sold the same item on the same day in both shops, and that was during the Christmas rush.

Usually you will find that, although both shops will need promotion, one will tend to manage itself to a certain degree.

Good luck!

Sarah x

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(Sasha Garrett) #5

I’m picky about what I list in my other store as there isn’t the equivalent of the plus account so I want to make sure my items are sufficiently different to anything else that they will sell rapidly and not require lots of relisting. I keep the stock in the 2 shops separate for fear of selling the same item twice as I would struggle to remake somethings due to the uniqueness of some of the stones I use (but I also have the same panic about selling the same item at a craft fair and online but syncing my email to my phone means that I can rapidly remove items from the stall if they sell online). The other shop looks after itself ie I don’t promote it other than pinning the odd item to my boards, given how limited the range of products is (currently empty as I haven’t had a chance to restock after christmas!) I don’t want to direct people there, it exists to pick up passing trade.
Some people flip their stock backwards and forwards between 2 sites ie 4 months here then 4 months there until it sells.

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(Karen Ellam) #6

Thank you all so much for the replies.

A lot of interesting points to think about.

My main focus is definitely here at Folksy so my promotion will be more or less the same.

The tricky part is listing the same one item on both shops.
I’m not allowed to use my phone at work. It’s locked in a locker so I’m not going to be able to jump straight to action when an item sells… Might not be an issue until busy shopping occasions like Christmas for example.
My husband suggested making two of the same items so each shop is covered, but a lot of my jewellery pieces aren’t that easy to replicate.

I suppose I could use the items I can duplicate in both, and keep my Folksy shop for the special one off pieces.

It is abit of a conundrum, but I love a good challenge.

Karen :smile:

(Roz) #7

Just a quick note to say if you do decide to list the same item in both shops make sure you write the description from scratch and don’t just copy and paste it as then both your shops will be penalised by Google searches which apparently don’t like duplicate items.

(Lorraine Burt) #8

Hi Karen,
My stuff is all made to order so I list on both shops. Why not put ‘made to order’ and just give yourself enough lead time to make another?

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(Karen Ellam) #9

Yes good point Roz @OrchardFelts
I thought about that after my second listing and started to mix the descriptions & titles up abit. It’s quite tricky as I find thinking of one is hard enough :confused:

Thanks Lorraine @CaboodleWeddings Listing as made to order is definitely worth thinking about in my other shop.


(Julie Maginn) #10

Hi Karen, I am in the same boat as you. Last couple of moths I have been promoting like crazy on everything including a promotion with British Crafters this month but my Folksy views are going down not up!! I am doing pretty well getting views to my facebook, twitter and instagram but they are just not filtering back to here!!

So reluctantly I am thinking I will have to give the dark side a try as a second online shop. My dilemma is the same as you! I would not be comfortable listing the same item on both sites. I keep all my Folksy stock separate from my stall and stock for outlets so I would physically have to have two of the item or just list different things. I don’t want to do made to order as sometimes I am too busy doing stock for my outlets and wouldn’t have time to quickly make another item.

Also the thought of setting up another shop and writing new descriptions etc seems like a lot of work!!! I have been looking at the info on the dark side but there is soooooo much of it!! I’d be interested to know if most people that sell the same item on both sides sell it at the same price or do the fees on the other side come to more. Haven’t got round to looking that bit up yet!!

Part of me is quite excited at the thought of setting up another shop and part of me thinks noooooo!!! Still not sure but whatever I do my Folksy shop is here to stay! :grin:

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(Jan Ryan) #11

Hi Karen, I have 3 outlets, I don’t list the same item in more than one place, it makes things too much of a headache.
Stating ‘this item is made to order’ is a good idea or you could duplicate some of your more popular makes for each outlet. I quite like having different outlets and don’t find things too complicated or expensive. You just need to ensure your postage costs are accurate.
I have separate stacking boxes labeled for each shop so I always know where everything is. Good luck x

(Karen Ellam) #12

After gathering up everyone’s great advice I’ve had a little reshuffle & edit session.
I feel much better now as listing one item in two places was bugging me abit. I was worrying about only having one ready made.

So I’ve edited a couple of things made to order in my other shop giving me the time to whip them up if a double up order does occur (probably more chance of plaiting fog) :wink:

From now on though I’m going to try to make two of the same as I worry stating made to order on all of my jewellery there might put people off, and they will move on.

All of my one off pieces I will list here at Folksy :blush:

Thanks again for your help


(Julia K Walton) #13

Hi Karen

It sounds like you have it sorted!

I run four online shops: two selling my art and crafts, one selling vintage, and one selling books and software. With the two craft shops, each item I make is listed in one shop or the other, not both (I alternate between them, and if it doesn’t sell in one shop, I relist in the other). Like yours, many of my items are one-offs and I could not remake them even if I wanted to, so I don’t take the risk. It does take a bit of juggling, but works for me.

My main promotion is on Pinterest, my blog, a multi-user blog (Vintage & Modern) and my own website. I just link images to whichever listing is current.

Julia :o)

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(Karen Ellam) #14

You have a lovely shop Julia @FireHorseTextiles :blush:

You do really well to juggle four online shops.

Im sure I will get into a rhythm with stocking my shops soon.
With some charms I make it does make more sense to whip up more than one.

I’m looking forward to the challenge :smile:


(Julia K Walton) #15

Thank you, Karen

I love your shop, too! :smile:

I’m sure you will manage brilliantly! Good luck!

Julia x

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(Christine E.) #16

I have an Etsy shop as well, but it’s so slow I’ve practically given up with it. So it doesn’t take much juggling skill… I’d love both shops to be so busy that it became a problem!..

(Lorraine Burt) #17

Hi Julie,
I sell at the same price on both sites. I know not everyone does but I personally would really feel peeved if I’d bought something and then find it cheaper in another shop run my the same seller. :slight_smile:

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(Jan Ryan) #18

I also do the same prices on all sites. I’m the same as you, I’d be miffed if I seen the same thing by the same seller but at a cheaper price.

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #19

I’ll be setting up a shop on the “dark side” soon with some of our more expensive ranges, I just don’t find they sell here but I’ve seen items of the same sort of price point selling regularly on E*** so I’m thinking I’ll take the plunge for 6 months and see if it works out.
Our regular fairs are where we take the most sales/orders at the minute, Folksy ticks over in the background but it’s definitely not enough to support our little venture on it’s own. I suppose we’re just 1 of many on Folksy selling jewellery though where as we’re one of two or three jewellery retailers at the fair.
Good luck with your other shop :slight_smile:

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(Julie Maginn) #20

Hi Lorraine
Thanks, that’s what I thought too but I have seen some things on both sites but at different prices so I wondered if the fees worked out more over there. Think I will be confused enough with two shops never mind two prices!!!