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Running two shops versus one

(Claire Davis) #1

I am trying to decide whether to open a second shop on Folksy and would love to hear from others who run multiple shops - how easy do you find it keeping on top of them both? Do you ever get in a muddle and miss orders, enquiries etc?

The reason I am thinking of doing it is because I have a new range of sterling silver jewellery I want to sell, and I’m not sure whether it will fit in all that well with the non-precious jewellery in my current shop. On the other hand, I already have the plus account so it’s quite tempting to take advantage of that and just list everything in there! I can’t afford to take out two plus accounts at the moment.

Just wondered if anybody had any thoughts, advice etc gratefully received!

x x

(Roz) #2

I have been pondering this question for a long time as I have been thinking of having a shop just for my felted goods. Ultimately I would close my existing one as I mainly concentrate on my felted goods now but would run both for a while. Not sure what but something is holding me back!

Btw if you find you are listing more in your new shop I believe you are able to transfer your plus account to your new shop.

(Christine Shephard) #3

I suppose it depends whether you want to re-brand yourself or just evolve your existing brand. You both have quite a few sales in your exiting shops, and presumably a bit of a following, which you’d risk losing with a new shop. Why not create a new look shop in your existing shop, featuring the new products, new banner etc, and gradually replace the older stock in a separate section so it becomes less and less prominent? You could remove it completely once you have your new stock in place and sell it off elsewhere. The other option - to start again - means building awareness from scratch, but you can transfer the remaining time on your Plus account to a new shop, as Roz has said.
I think it’s hard to devote time to two shops - I tried it for a while on here, but found I was neglecting one or the other most of the time, and juggling two lots of promotion was a nightmare!

(Christine E.) #4

I have another shop on here, but its empty. I had it stocked with fabric items for a while but never sold anything. Now, as I have a plus account, I don’t want to pay out extra to list in another shop and begrudge shelling out another £45. I have all sorts of things in my shop now, though I still mostly sell the pewter. I think, now that we have the sections, customers can just look at what they’re interested it. Having a variety of different things may also attract a wider variety of customers. That’s only my theory, though, and I’m quite happy to be contradicted by anyone who successfully runs multiple shops!..

(Claire Davis) #5

I think what it boils down to, is that I am really quite reluctant to start shelling out for listing fees, when I already have a plus account that covers them! I want to carry on making the older style of jewellery as well as the silver, and I imagine there will be a bit of crossover (as in, silver jewellery with glass beads rather than just gemstones) so perhaps if I got rid of some of the older stock that’s been sitting there for the last two years I might be able to give my shop a bit of a makeover. I can imagine, like @ciesse has said that it must be hard to devote the time to promoting two shops and I also imagine it being a bit of a pain checking two lots of emails, logging in and out of two folksy accounts etc.

I didn’t know about being able to transfer the plus account over though, which is interesting…

thank you :slight_smile: x x

(Annelee Roscoe) #6

I run two shops over on the dark side where I have separated my nutty gifts out from my fairy crafts, I haven’t done it on Folksy yet because of the plus account issue and the same debate issues that you are currently facing. If you were to open a second shop, the way I get round logging into two different entities is by using different platforms for each. Although each has a different email address, because I use internet explorer for one and Google Chrome for the other, it means that it automatically logs into each shop without having to always type in different details.

Best of luck with your decision
Annelee xx