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July Art Chat thread

Good morning all…white rabbit…hope you are all busy painting and making beautiful things.
Today I have listed the acrylic painting that I did yesterday…
please pop in for a chat and show your work
Lowri your Welsh lady pics are fab…I think the one that eventually got taken of me was lost many years ago…So old that we even had the black and white negative of it…ha ha


Happy July here’s to lots of sunshine :sun_with_face:

Wow that’s a beautiful landscape Brenda, the colours and distant mountains remind me of Canada.

Lowri you looked so cute in your costume!

I’ve just listed this dolls house painting


Lovely paintings you two <3

I finally finished this piece today. I faffed around with giving it a white background on the photoshop the other day. In my mind it looked great but in reality the crisp white background just didn’t suite my traditional work. That made me a bit frustrated but I went back to it and painted the background by hand, looks so much better. It has texture now!


Ha ha…just love it Lowri…Plenty of those white fluffy things on the mountain behind my house…
Stephie…beautiful work…love the colours…
The sun has just decided to show its face…and the sea is glistening for a change…

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Evening all, thank goodness its Friday. Finally a chance to stop and catch my breath and hopefully paint a little over the weekend.

Lowri, your welsh ladies are fantastic!

Just read back through the end of June’s thread. The painting for your son’s invite is great, Brenda. I can’t say as I’ve ever been asked to do a commission but I don’t think I’d be very good at it. I never really have an idea in mind when I start something - I just start and see what evolves!

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I work like that too Dawn…in fact…apart from cartoons, I never draw anything first…I just slap the paint on and go with the flow…lol…


good afternoon all…today I have listed two aceos floral paintings…I’ll be back later for a chat…


Good morning, happy Sunday everyone. Lovely work Brenda, your lake is just stunning. Gorgeous colours in yours Stephie. Brilliant Lowri! waving to Dawn :wave:

Hardly had any time the past few weeks between work, family and orders been a bit rushed off my feet, the only art I have been doing really is for commissions, painted a few necklaces and made some scrapbooks, my current one is challenge, how to combine horses, dogs, cats, guitars and country music lol! I’ll post a pic when it’s ready :slight_smile:

meantime I’ll show one of the finished items I made using the cotton I printed my digital images on, really pleased with the way the printing came out and it does say it’s washable so I’ll have to experiment with that :slight_smile:

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Morning all
Wow, just wow Max @paperchainsandbeads - that is absolutely beautiful! I cant believe how well it has printed out :heart:

Love what you’re doing with the glitter Brenda - last time I used glitter I ended up with glittery cat feet!!!

Well I have hit a creative block. Everything I try seems to be going wrong. I’m not sure if it because I’m really tired or I think its most likely because I’ve started trying to sell again. I need to get back to trying to create for creating’s sake and if it comes out well enough to list, its a bonus…!

waving everyone…Lowri…I didn’t know that you had cat’s feet…ha ha…
.I love glitter…can’t live without it…I even glittered our garage door when I painted it…(purple of course…what else?)
Max, that is very interesting…let me know how you get on after washing a sample…you could be selling T shirts soon.
Dawn, I get creative blocks all the time…that is when I flick paint and leave the work for another day…hoping that I can make something of the mess I have made.
Today I have an aceo poppy painting…

Lovely work everyone and what a fantastic idea to paint a garage door with glitter @teabreaks - I may just have to see if I can do that too… As its sunny I’m hoping to be able to take some decent pics of latest work to show you, here’s one recent completed pic which I loved making and which I will make into a card and get listed in my new Folksy shop:


Heidi, that is lovely…love the cute face on the little girl…
Today I have another floral aceo

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That’s really cute Heidi!

I managed to get over my creative block Brenda and got this finished yesterday. Its a 7" x 5" canvas board. I’m thinking of listing it here if I decide its good enough and if I can decide on a price ( I have no clue lol)

I love the idea of a glittery garage door Brenda!


I’ve scared everyone away :joy:

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You haven’t scared anyone away! :smiley:
Lovely work Dawn, Creative block is horrible but at least you created a beautiful piece from it :smiley:

Your textile piece is so pretty Heidi, the texture is so gorgeous<3

Great work as always Brenda :smiley: and your bag is so clever Max! It’s always pretty magical getting your work on fabric!

I’m busy working on new jewellery at the moment, so the drawing has been put to one side for a few days, however I am working on these simple pieces. I’m giving one away as a prize as I’ve never done a giveaway before! They still need inking. :slight_smile:

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Interesting work Lowri…what sort of jewellery are you making?
Dawn…I was hiding…ha ha…actually had a busy day yesterday as our son is getting married soon and I had to go to town to get some new black trousers…I don’t do conventional…ha ha…I was going to wear a poncho but have settled on a top and jacket instead…with compulsory glitter of course…!!! Today is hubby’s birthday so no painting today…I am going out to get a Harvester meal later…they do great take out food, beautifully packaged and as hubby can no longer get out and about it is the next best thing. About time son got married, he is 44. They have been together for 10 years…so about time to make it legal…ha ha…
Question…how many of you do your arts and crafts everyday ( or every day that they can)…is it a sideline hobby…is it your main income…etc…
I have done making and selling all my life but did it sort of full time when I had the kids…yep 44 years ago…Hubby did shift work and so I wasn’t able to go back to work as there was no one to look after the kids…I have done lots of part time work…a few hours here and there but nothing for more than a few months, except for teaching arts and crafts at adult education centres…but that was just 2 hours at a time for 13 weeks of the year…in between I made and sold at craft fairs…now I am lazy and do it all online and woohoo…I was brave yesterday, I sold something on the other side…(crocheted) and sent it My Hermes. and it was 25p cheaper and I didn’t have to leave home…So now, I am sorted for any sales during the winter. No more struggling and driving on icy roads to the post office…sorted…
And a tip that my son gave me was if you register with Parcels2go you still send through my Hermes but it is cheaper !!! (haven’t tried that yet but son has an online business and so uses it a lot)…OK…enough ranting on for me today…enjoy your crafting…I am eagerly awaiting delivery of some inks to play with…and some granulation medium.
Lowri…“Come on Wales !”


Enjoy your day with your husband Brenda! I would love to do this full time but its very much a sideline hobby for me. I paint or create as often as I can but I don’t have anywhere as much time as I’d like!

Good news on Hermes, sounds like a much better idea for winter.

And come on Wales from me too even though I’m English :wink:


It’s my full time job. I’m still on the look out for a suitable part time job though, I’m really lucky to be living at home and my parents want me to give this a go. I earn enough to pay my way- so It’s not like I’m living in wishy washy artist land being funded by my parents- I do fund myself.

The jewellery I’m working on is more shrink plastic, but the printable time. Im really not having luck with it today though, I’m a bit grumpy!! I’m leaving it alone for the day and will do other things instead. sigh

Go Wales indeed. :smiley: I really do hope we do well… but getting this far is such an achievement either way. :slight_smile:

Lowri…that is lovely…My daughter is still at home with us and she would love to make her artwork her full time job…I told her that we are training her to be our carer…ha ha…
She is engaged but says that the more she sees how other people struggle, she is happy to stay as she is. She would really like to be self employed but right now doesn’t sell enough stuff.
I am so lucky that I have done arts and crafts for all those years…
Maybe one day Dawn…I was always happy to survive on beans on toast in order to craft…lol.

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good afternoon all…today I am relisting an old watercolour…