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August Art chat thread

Afternoon all…well here in South Wales it is cold and wet yet again…no sign of summer for us here…I am freezing !
To brighten the day, I have just listed this summer floral painting, created with inks, brusho, watercolours and acrylics…(I don’t like oils ha ha)
Curious, I am the captain of 5 teams elsewhere, so I know where you are coming form…sigh…
Hope everyone is painting…


Waving Brenda! These mixed media paintings of yours are beautiful, such delicate colours.

This morning I’ve been

  • washing silk scarves ready for my workshop on the 20th August

  • culling my cardboard mountain (I refuse to buy board backed envelopes when there is so much free cardboard around) - a great stack of boxes is now neatly cut into shape.

  • and attempting to make gluten free sourdough bread (so far all I’ve made is 2 bricks, hubs says I should go into the building trade)

I have a plan for a relaxing couple of hours painting abstract watercolour ACEOs :blush:

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LOL Stephie,…most of my cooking is like bricks.
Love the pic of the silk…looks like either a row of stockings (any men please don’t get excited) or dancers…and your lawn is WAY too NEAT !
I love playing with the new paints and inks…but they never end up as I had planned…perhaps that is a good thing…lol…
I also save all the card from Amazon etc and I always cut cereal boxes for making board backed envelopes…I have also now started sending anything over 8x6 by My Hermes as we have a lovely young lad who I have trained to knock quietly on the door (in case hubby is asleep) and it is also cheaper than the post office and saves on petrol and having to go out. I have always avoided anything larger because if we get bad weather here , then the drive to the post office can be treacherous…now I can have a young man collect my parcels from my door.
Can one of you send some sunshine this way…we have had almost continual rain and cold weather for nearly a month !

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Lol Brenda, the silks looked much better when they had dried. Now I just need to find my iron :upside_down_face:

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Good morning, I thought you had gone into the bunting trade Stephie ;). I leave all the packing to hubs, he’s a whizz at packing :).

Brenda, we actually put the heating on last night when it got chilly! still wet and dready here this morning my garden is looking a bit battered and sad today

Just showing one from the back of the cupboard today :wink:

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Yes Brenda, I feel I may have been slightly conned into become a captain of a team ‘over there’ LOL

Great news on Hermes - its sounds much easier for you. It made me laugh that you have him ‘trained’ to knock quietly. I wish you could come and train our post lady for us - I’m not normally in when she comes as I’m at work but yesterday she knocked and nearly broke the door down!!

The silks on the line look fabulous Stephis @StephanieGuy. Good luck with the gluten free bread making!

That is lovely Max @paperchainsandbeads, really pretty colours.

I’ve listed something a bit different today in an attempt to get my first sale here - its a digital stamp I’ve created from one of my drawings. Cardmakers etc can print and colour it etc…

I think she’s quite cute but we’ll see if anyone else thinks so!!

Have a good day all


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Ah Dawn, sadly I only managed to make another brick that is now in the bin :cry: I’ve bought one ready made from the shop pending another try…I think I need to follow the instructions more closely instead of winging it. Your flower girl is very sweet! I was a tad confused (doesn’t take much) when I read the title, I was wondering for a moment if we’d gone all american and could now personalise postage stamps. Wouldn’t that be cool?

I remember that series of yours Max, still as gorgeous as ever. My plumber advises everyone to run the heating every now and then through the summer, it helps to keep everything ticking along and if it doesn’t work for any reason, you’ve got time to get it fixed before you need it in ernest.

Very pretty snow scenes Pam.

I’ve just listed this abstract

Right, now I MUST get the iron out (boooo) and tackle that pile of silk. Only 29 scarves to iron…

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Good luck with the ironing - I hate it! But at least it will warm you up a bit on a chilly August day!

Iron??? what is that??

afternoon all…what miserable horrid weather…I am getting really fed up with it all now…I can;t even remember what the sun is like any more.
Great Picture Max love that one and love the colours.
Dawn…I woke up one morning over there and found I was a Captain of a team and no one ever asked me !!!..ONe thing though, the owners of the site sometimes invite you for weekends to meet other CAPTAINs…all expenses paid…even travel expenses. Sadly I am not free to go but still.
Love the little digi stamp.
welcome back Pam…great paintings as always.
Great work Stephie…doing something different makes a nice change doesn’t it
I have another mixed media painting today…a 7x5" floral one

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Good afternoon, lovely colours Brenda. I like that technique Stephie, reminds me of the tissue paper collages we used to do :). Lovely scene Pam even if it is snowy lol! Cute digi stamp Dawn, I have thought about doing those just never got around to it, I have tried the instand download option over t’other side but not sold any, I only have a few though and I think you probably need loads to get noticed, I’m a captain too over there we’ll have to synchronise groups lol!

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Thanks everyone on my digistamp :slight_smile:

I have a few over the other side too Max - I’ve sold a couple . Like you said, I think you need a lot to be able to get noticed.

Stephie - your little canvas is lovely. Funnily enough I think you can print your own (postage) stamps now on Royal Mail but I don’t think you can actually use them for posting stuff, that would be very cool.

Brenda and Max - I think I was sort of blackmailed into being captain as there was no one else! It is actually a really nice active team, we should synchronise somehow :wink:


Here’s the other abstract. I’m going to do 2 more on smooth paper to see what difference that makes to the lines, although I rather like the scrappy look of these ones.

Great work everyone.
Can anyone help Pam West…she can show her pics but it won’t let her type anything to go with the picture…??? I have no idea what the problem is…I can only think that it might be connected to her ipad…
Today I have been relisting loads of crochet…so no new paintings to show…even though I have loads…I will list art tomorrow.
still raining her

Thanks for asking for me Brenda. I hope somebody has a solution. I’ll try on my laptop later x

Sorry I have no idea what that problem is. Maybe ask admin?

I painted 2 more abstract today, this one worked out, the other one didn’t - the paper ripped :frowning:

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