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June Art thread

Good morning all artists…
June is here and hopefully we will get a nice summer.
Pop in and chat and share your art work.
I am starting today off with a woodland fantasy watercolour. 7x5" on 8x6" watercolour paper.


Morning Brenda :blush:

What a lovely landscape to start the month.

Here are a couple of sketches that I did in my new Midori style journal while we were in the lakes this last weekend


Good morning,
Lovely painting and sketches, Brenda and Stephanie :).
Today I have listed a painting that I started a few weeks ago to take WIP photos for Folksy (I am a featured seller this week - so, so happy!). The painting is now finished and listed and the title is First Day of Summer.


Lovely woodland Brenda :slight_smile:
Beautiful summery nature from you two, Teodora and Steph’.

I made a mermaid.


Hello there - lovely paintings by everyone and well done @TeodoraPaintings - how exciting!!

Here’s a work in progress from me which isn’t listed yet but which will be in this shop once mounted and framed:

I’m using hand embroidery a lot more now and this piece has some ribbon embroidered bluebells, which were great fun to do! It’s not a great photo but I’ll get a better one when the clouds go!!


waving to everyone…well done Teodora…I have been here 6 years and never been featured, so you are honoured !
Lovely work everyone…
Here’s hoping for some good sales for us all.

Hey well done Teodora @TeodoraPaintings! I love that WIP shot and the finished piece too. You’ll have to let us know if you get many more sales as a result of being featured.

Fab mermaid Lowri :slight_smile:

Heidi @Textiletreasure it’s lovely to see your textile work in here. Do you paint the fabric as well to get depth?

I’ve just listed this chocolate lab


Good afternoon all…today we have glorious sunshine here in South Wales…
I have just listed an aceo of a waterfall.

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I’d like to share this illustrated card, perfect for father’s day later this month!

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Hi Stephanie - no the fabric is just layered and I use raw edge appliqué mostly. The variances of tone in the fabric is caused by the dyeing process - I use cold water dyes and on some batches I’ll crinkle the fabric so that you get the light and dark contrasts where the dye is taken up at different rates. I do plan to do some painting soon - probably on silk and then over embroider. Just got back into watercolours - here’s a picture I did of my riding instructor’s horse: (not great

photo as you lose some of the brush detail but you get the gist!) :slight_smile:


Morning all…lovely work.
today I have another waterfall painting…this time a 7x5" one


i like your horse painting Heidi.
I have done a short blog post about the Secret Rose Auction that I have a painting in. Can you guess which it is?

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today I have an acrylic fantasy painting complete with the compulsory glitter.

today I have an 8x6" watercolour landscape…hope everyone is busy painting…

Waving hello to everyone! I’ve been a tad busy with elderly relative issues the last few days - can’t say too much as the relative concerned doesn’t like social media - but sorting it all out is taking up a lot of my time.

I found a little time this morning to paint a silk handkerchief - I’ll be steaming it in a pressure cooker later. This is a new technique that Tessa and I have just come across via a facebook silk painting group. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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that sounds interesting Stephie…looking good…
Hope the family probs get sorted…I know how you feel. x

Thanks Brenda :blush: here is the finished piece, I’m really pleased with this technique, it’s so much easier, simpler and quicker.

The colour intensity is so different post steaming!

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Evening all - hope you’re all well and not melting in the heat :slight_smile:

I’m busy with commissions, so no time for general painting, but I had some vets fees to pay, so did a special offer on some of my signs - only got about 40 to get through painting now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got quite a bit of stuff to list too, just haven’t had a chance to list it all yet, so I’ll show a card printed from an older painting, just cos I like the painting :slight_smile:


Hi Tessa @Coloursandtextures - I’m only just catching up on chats sorry! Is your painting lot 116?? It looks a fun thing to take part in, I’ve never heard of it. How did you get into it and have you found it useful? Good luck - there are some lovely paintings in the auction so it deserves to have lots of online visitors! :slight_smile: