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Just for Fun! How do you make use of your leftover materials?

My first ever Topic Thread!

This is just for interest sake really but what do you do with your leftover materials. I’m a knitter and here is my novel idea (an idea I got from Pinterest). For the birds to build their nests!


I use my tiny bits of scrap fabrics in mixed media projects and patchwork.

my yarn ends I keep for sewing up or using in the garden to tie up my bean canes :slight_smile:


This was a commission - the moon was made by melting down the little bits of silver trimmed from around settings whilst the sun was made by melting down the left over bits of gold from a ring I remodelled for the same client.

Silver and gold scrap can be sold back to the bullion dealers but this is much more fun.


Great idea for a thread! I’m looking forward to seeing some ingenous ideas.

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I have a range called Relic that uses up a lot of my scrap silver and gold.
I also cast with some of it.


These table confetti . . . . .


I’ve started using some of my fabric scraps to make dog bow ties, as they take minimal amounts of fabric.

@wendymorris1 I tried putting tiny fabric scraps in the garden for the birds to use in nests but they just ignored them :slight_smile:

Sarah x


Ok it’s not much but this blackbird has a little lilac ribbon on the edge of this nest… can you see it? it’s really tiny :slight_smile: I put scraps of wool and ribbon out and it’s great to see the birds collecting it. This was at the side of my garage.


I make tags! I call them “Tidy Up Tags” and they tend to be a bit seasonal in conjunction with the books I am making at that time! I pop them in as a surprise extra when I have them and try to always include them for repeat customers wrapped in tissue paper and tied up with a ribbon!

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They’re lovely Dottie!x

Thanks Martine! Customers tend to be more gushing about the tags when they get them than the books!! I do sell them sometimes at craft fairs if I get lots made up!

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I didn’t know that birds would use yarn ends! That’s great, as I usually just throw mine away.


When I make silver rings, or bangles there can be a little off cut of silver. I use these tiny pieces to make necklaces which I sell on my stalls in aid of MAG the Mine advisory group that works world wide to clear landmines. I painted the field of poppies image & I think it quite suits the theme - I sell the cards with the necklace at £15 with all the money (not just the profit) going to MAG or the plain cards at £2. I met the bomb disposal team in Laos & and although I was expecting kevlar clad big blokes, the team turned out to be made up of smiling Mums & Grandmas wearing cotton hats & wellies - amazing women! Check out MAG they are an essential charity! x Diane


Sasha I love your pots of seedlings necklace!

That’s brilliant!

I keep scraps of fabric and turn them in to crazy patchwork. The last piece I did was used to re-cover the lid of a small foot stool/work box


I don;t really get any left overs from painting but when I knit or crochet I get lots of small balls of yarn. SOmetimes I crochet them into blankets but I now get aching wrists when I do that, so I started making a pompom blanket…I will list it in the next couple of days…here is a peek preview.



Ooh that’s fab Brenda! @teabreaks


I am using up my leftover DK yarn to make a beekeepers quilt, made with lots of hexipuffs sewn together. I work on it every now and then. Not sure where it’s going to go when I have finished!