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Just how fast do customers think Royal Mail 2nd class is?

Not Folksy but Ebay … where I sell / dispose of my scrap glass as it is so precious to me that I can’t throw it away.
Had this email conversation today, 4th December following one from the 27th (and following a trip to the post office to post the package I’ve been holding on to, with a careful self reminder to post today):


From: eBay - ???>
Sent: 04/12/2017 21:56:34

I’m waiting for glass!!!


I responded :

As per your instructions 27th Nov:
Good morning,Please send this glass after 2 nd of December!!Many thanks,Urszula
To which I responded :
UrszulaNo problem. I’ll pack it up ready and post it out on the 4th. Joy xx
To which you replied :
Thank you :slight_smile:
So today I replied :

I posted the glass to you today, 2nd class Royal Mail, the 4th December (I will mark it as despatched in a few minutes, sorry not done yet but I fell asleep on the sofa as I’ve been working so hard).
I have taken special care to only post it to you when you asked so I am somewhat amazed by your message…
You should expect it to arrive now in a couple of days . If you wanted it sooner it would have been far easier for me to have posted it out immediately rather than having to remember to delay posting it until today.

Will this be my first ever non 5 star Ebay rating ??

Oh dear :pensive:

I hope you don’t have negative feedback after you’ve done everything asked of you.

It’s really hard sometimes to please folk.

I had a reduced star with a slight negative feedback on another selling site a while back. Boiled down to the customer not reading the measurements correctly but now it reflects badly on me.
I was really deflated and I hate seeing a star missing even now :confused:


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Just had an equally surprising response. My husband says it must be a language thing !! :slight_smile:

> …anyway thank you!! I wrote that you knew that I could take the glass personally and it was not hurry, I m patient and I m excited. All good and peaceful rest.

That’s all right then :slight_smile:


Ah yes. I think he may be right. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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He is right … there are two ways of saying

“I’m waiting for my glass” = Where is my glass, I’m annoyed it isn’t here


“I’m waiting for my glass” = and I’m so excited I had to send you a message to say so.

Good job we all speak English is all I can say !


Ah English! Easy to learn but very, very difficult to master. These little nuances always trip the non-native speaker up.

Sam x

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Tone and nuance is lost through the medium of typing/ texting. Many I a time have I started writing something only to read it and think ‘oh no! That’s not what I mean!’ If it is not your first language, then it makes it even more difficult!

Great idea on selling the scrap, Joy. I’ve still got loads from my years of fusing…although I keep making plans for it! Now to go and engineer more hours in the day…!

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I don’t sell the fusing glass, only the stain glass. I use the scrap fusing glass to make nuggets. :slight_smile:

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I have loads of black and clear which are a bit limited in their excitement! I was thinking of doing one of those scrap melts to turn them into some bowls to use!

That’s what I wondered!
When I was a child we had a Belgian ballet teacher one week. She kept saying, ‘I can’t hear you landing,’ so being obliging lasses we landed more heavily! This went on for some time with increasing frustration on both sides of the barre, before we realised that our lovely teacher meant that she shouldn’t be able to hear us land!! :slight_smile:


I had a similar conversation with a customer from Et**, I posted items to New York and was sent messages that sounded curt and annoyed (it’s not here yet)!! but like your’s turned out to be an excited impatience. I had a lovely 5 star review and another order :slight_smile:


Go for it !

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