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Just reopened my shop after a long illness

(Kate Singleton) #1

I reopened my shop last night after a break due to a long illness, which I am slowly recovering from.I’m slowly but surely restocking it with my hand made jewellery. I’ve never sold much on Folksy before but familiarity helps so I’m giving it another go. Have I missed anything since December 2014?
I hope you have a chance to look at my shop and let me know what you think. Cant wait to look in the lovely shops on here. Its addictive!
Cheerio for now!

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(Amberlilly) #2

Welcome back @illydilly not sure if you have missed much, but we now have a twitter hour!
Nice to see you have returned to Folksy as there is so many other sites around! I do like Folksy its still very friendly.
Hope to see you lots on the forums.:blue_heart:

(Karen Ellam) #3

Welcome back Kate @illydilly :smiley:

(Qteacup) #4

Welcome back, hope you do well.