Folksy Ltd


(Dayzee) #1

Do you ever make and list items then secretly hope they don’t sell so you can justify keeping it for yourself? :wink:

(Joy Salt) #2

No but I sometimes make items which I hope will sell but don’t - so I have to keep them for myself :slight_smile:

(Yvette ) #3

Same here, i have lots of things i am keeping as they are not selling lol :wink:

(Christine E.) #4

I always think “I can always make another for myself if this sells” but of course I never do!..

(Amanda Robins) #5

I get to keep the prototypes or the ones that go a bit wrong.


Had a wonderful time wick testing my candles when I started, so could pick out my favourites just in case they didn’t sell!!

(Minerva) #7

Not really. I tend to list everything or not list certain items at all. That’s when I keep them.
I recently made a scarf with fine yarn that took me much longer than I thought. If I priced it correctly, it would have been too expensive for the size of it - if I priced it too low, I wouldn’t like it. So I kept it for me and listed the pattern instead.

(Shirley Woosey) #8

I’m with Amanda - I get to keep the prototypes or the ones which aren’t quite right.
My family get the seconds as presents quite often!

(Deborah Jones) #9

Like Shirley and Amanda I keep prototypes, often they need wearing to make sure that they are comfortable and hang right , so they become mine. It is good advertising too - as people often seem to want what they see me wearing.

(Gerda Austin) #10

I keep some of the items that don’t sell for myself ! Gerda x

(Sharonj19) #11

I do this too!

(Angela R Connah) #12

I have occasionally listed one off pieces that I really like and said ‘if it’s still there by the end of the month it’s mine!’. Of course they are always the first to go so were never really meant to be mine anyway :smile:
I sometimes make an extra pair of earrings to keep for myself.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #13

I can’t really do that as mine are all different. I can of course make something along the same lines but often will never have the same yarn or fabric or buttons again.

I’m making a crochet blanket at the moment and part of me would love to keep it.

(Anastasia Bird) #14

I just listed today a lovely “We can be extraordinary together” plaque and i’m praying it doesn’t sell so I can keep it! My favourite thing i’ve ever made :slight_smile: