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What Do You Do With Your Holiday Themed Items?

If you make items for a certain holiday such as Christmas, what do you usually do with your items if they do not sell? Do you sell them after the holiday at a discounted price? Or do you stash them away ready for the next year? (sorry if it seems like a daft question)

I’m actually going to leave my listings running all year as I’ve sold Christmas decorations throughout the year in the past.


As someone who has bought ‘christmas decorations’ at random times of the year I say leave them in your shop - you can reorganise your shop so that non seasonal listings appear at the end rather than the beginning.


Not a daft question at all! The only specialised event items I tend to make are Christmas ones. I have a Plus account, so I tend to still keep them listed through the year and just move them to the bottom of my shop. I don’t remove them because I’ve been known to sell the odd one in the middle of Summer! (I don’t take them to Summer craft fairs though :rofl:)

I suppose it depends whether you’d rather keep them for the next year (if you have space to store them) or whether you’re happy to try to sell them at a discount to get them out of the way.

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I usually keep them in my shop through until the end of January then I hide them until next year to give me a head start! The only things I reduce to clear out are items I won’t be making again.


I keep them in one collection in my shop. At this time of year the collection is moved to the top of my collections, and after Christmas I make that the very last collection. I don’t hide the items away after Christmas - people buy them all year round, and I’m not going to miss out on sales :slight_smile:


I never even thought to leave them all year round (show’s how new I am to this)
Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply :smiley: