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Knitted rhino


A rather odd request! But I am hoping to adopt a little knitted rhino called Ron, as my business mascot. The idea is he will get up to mischief and have little adventures…off to meet real rhinos, visit weddings, landmarks etc

Its just a bit of fun for my twitter account and a fun way to do a bit of marketing!

Is there anyone on folksy who could knit me a cute little rhino? He would need to be about 20-25cm high and long! I have found one on the other website but its in Canada and I thought I should check here first!

Happy to pay £10-15 ish :slight_smile:

If anyone has the know how please do let me know or email me at

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I have a pattern but lack the proficiency. If a more talented knitter needs it I can photocopy it. @thistledownandHOPE Suzzie what about it? The bears and bunnies on your hangers suggest you’re up to it.

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Sounds like a brilliant marketing ploy Jennifer, @talkofthetownparties.
Sasha @SashaGarrett, if you have a pattern I will certainly look into it, can you post a photo of it on here, then Jennifer can see if she likes the look him too, presumably its a him, has he a name, or will you wait till it is ‘born’ to decide!
Suzzie x

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Ha! Yes I have decided to have a boy only becuase I like the name Ron the Rhino! Lol thanks! :slight_smile:

I got the idea from a random shop in the Yorkshire dales, I was on holiday there and they had a pictures of a penguin - from all over the world. As I worked at the zoo they asked me if I could take him to meet some real penguins so I did and sent him back along with the pics!

So here is the first page of mr rhino’s instructions

I’ve seen black and white rhinos in the wild but never one sat on his hunches like that but he does look like he could hold up some business cards. He requires 100g of grey dk (no yardage specified) and sits 22cm tall. I think it would be better if I got the other half to scan the rest of the instructions at work on monday rather than rely on my dubious photo skills as he is knitted in rather a lot of sections (2 halves and a base for the body, head, snout, rear legs, front legs, ears, tail and horns).

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Oh yes he is adorable! Its like having an ultrasound scan for my expected rhino! Lol!

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Here’s a slightly better portrait of Ron

My knitting isn’t up to all the increases and decreases required. I could do a snake…


He looks like he could get into trouble!

Hmm snake is a good idea but as the card is made from rhino dung and I give 10% of any rhino dung purchase to Save the Rhino, kind of fits my theme!

thanks though!

Don’t worry I totally got why you are after a rhino, it was more a comment on my knitting skills, the only thing in the entire book I could probably knit is the snake. If you ever expand your collection of dung (that sounds wrong) they have an elephant pattern as well. These things do make for good promotional fun, my little silver dinosaurs (see avatar pic) used to roam round having their photo taken which would then be put on facebook (and other publicity things) much to the delight of them (and possibly my followers who did ‘like’ the posts but they could have been being polite).

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He’s definitely a boy Rhino!
Now, just done some searching, and there are some good crocheted ones out there too, is there anyone in folksy who would like to bid for the chance to crochet one?
My crochet skills are limited to flowers, sorry.
Suzzie x.

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My crochet is worse than my knitting…

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Just wanted to say how lovely to support rhino’s
My niece went to Africa to study and they had to baby sit very young rhino who had been orphaned by poachers.

At 16 weeks the rhino moved into the creche and from there on moved towards rehabilitation not having any interaction with humans

Hope you dont mind me sharing


Aww! Not at all amazing experience and pics!

When I worked at Edinburgh Zoo, the education department shared its building with the rhinos, I love them (not so much the smell!)

We had to stop using the rhino horn samples to show children because they were so valuable :frowning: All of the samples had to be taken away and locked up.

It such a shame, just for a big finger nail!

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I have seen the super absorbent dye that is being used to render the horns useless to poachers :smiley:

What a fabulous job to be at the Zoo - so jealous. For Christmas I had a trip to South Lakes Zoo and there I hand fed a giraffe I nearly wept it was such a special thing (for me anyway) I was amazed that the giraffe’s nose felt like a scrubbing brush I thought it would be velvety - how super that you got to be part of the education of our next generation.

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wow that’s an amazing present!

Yes it was a dream job , I taught there for 4 years and loved it all. But when I had my second son childcare costs just became too much so I had to give it up!

But if I hadn’t had to do that I would never have started my business so its all good! :slight_smile:

I have alwYs loved rhinos. Great marketing idea

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So could you manage a worm, maybe?
Suzzie x

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Only if you want it knitted but I could do you a cable down its back (I think)…

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Thanks everyone, my hubby bought me a little second hand one for 99p they said he needed a new loving home! I’ll show you him when he arrives :slight_smile:


Sounds like a perfect solution, giving an orphan rhino a loving home, be sure to send pictures ,
Suzzie x

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