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Excited for new shop!

Hi everyone!

My folksy shop over the last year has been getting quieter and quieter so I have decided to change it completely! I have been making knitted toys for a few months and selling locally with a lot of success so I have dedicated my shop totally to Dilbert my little dinosaur! Got more listings to work through but I’m getting there!

Would love to hear others experiences with this and if anyone has any advice would be grateful!

Grace xx

As you might guess from my avatar I’m a fan of dinos too, they have great fun roaming all over facebook whilst causing havoc in the workshop. I had a quick look at your shop (and pinned green dilbert to my dino board) and you need to be mindful that when folksy displays photos on our shop fronts/ search results they get cropped to square - purple dilbert is missing his head as a result. I’m sure you can have great fun posing them to display as a square image and bring out their fun personalities in the process.
Good luck with dilbert.

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Thanks for the advice Sasha! And for the pin too :slight_smile:

Grace x

Aw, Dilbert is pretty cool! I love the photo of him emerging from an egg on your Facebook page! Also, fill in your “Meet the Maker” section in your shop, and also what inspired you to make Dilbert. Buyers like to know the story behind you and your makes. Sasha has already mentioned about the photos - photos are very important when selling online as that is the first thing a buyer sees and makes a snap decision on as to whether to look further or scroll on buy. It can be hard to get right (i’m forever debating over mine!) but when you do, it’s fab! Good luck!