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Knitters/crocheter what are you making for yourself

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

now there’s a slight chill in the air?

I’m trying to create a pair of crochet slippers as my feet are chilly this morning. I’m not really sure what I’m doing but I’m using up some odds and ends of recycled yarns. Yarns that have come from some jumpers I picked up in the charity shop.

I don’t get much time to make things for myself anymore, last year I managed one crochet scarf and my crochet birthday shawl.

I’ve just finished my crochet pixxy hood which I started two years ago simply as I’ve not had time to make things just for me.

Anyone else making anything for themselves for this Autumn/winter?

( Carol ) #2

Oh Eileen I wish! For years I have been saying I want to make myself a cardigan/jacket but still haven’t. I’ve been knitting and crocheting for nearly 40 years and yet I do not own a jumper and only own one cardigan which my Aunt bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

I know what you mean, I want to make myself a nice sparkly jacket. I have the yarn I had the design down on paper for the past three years.

Last year was a special birthday and as I was being taken away to the Isles of Scilly I was positive I was going to have my shawl to wear for my birthday dinner. I was still crocheting it on the ferry lol

I’ve finish one slipper and I’m now halfway through the other.

(Stephanie Guy) #4

I started knitting a sloppy holey tank top on 20mm needles last winter and am determined to finish it before this winter sets in!

(Chantal Hanna) #5

For some reason I never get to make anything for myself, I seem to always be making presents and now Christmas is on the way again I need to start crocheting even quicker!!!

(Themdustyold Viewfinders) #6

I’m not an expert knitter and don’t do it as part of my craft but I recently made myself a knitted ‘Pob’ because I love him so. Pob is that weird little 80’s children’s programme character. I spent a good few days over this little thing, I was pretty pleased with myself.

(Chantal Hanna) #7

Oh. My. Goodness!!! He is utterly amazing!

(Yvette ) #8

I would love to knit myself a hat, but never get around to it - i made a couple of styles last year but wasn’t sure about them. I love hats but i don’t think hats suit me :frowning:
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(Themdustyold Viewfinders) #9

Thanks @Snoochy!