Knitting & Stitching show

I went to Ally Pally on Saturday to the Knitting & Stitching show. It was absolutely heaving with people but had a great time. Drooled over some lovely sewing and embroidery machines but restrained myself, just bought a few supplies which I knew I needed. After 6 hours of walking around I was pretty useless yesterday, lots of aches and pains…but enjoyed myself.
Did any one else go?


I didn’t make it this year Kim, and I’m not going to be able to get to the one in Harrogate either. It’s the best show around for stocking up on supplies, seeing what’s new and also seeing what artists are doing in the textile world. It’s worth all the aches and pains just to see everything in one place. Hope your feeling better today :grin:


Yes thank you Sue @SueTrevor , I’m feeling better today and managed some sewing!:grinning:

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Sue, are you going to the fabric show in Leicester this year? I’ve got a few quilts for Project Linus and will be looking for some new fabrics.

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I’m also missing this wonderful show! Such a brilliant show, similar to the alley pally one but on a much more manageable scale. I’ve left some samples of fabric with my daughter hoping she will be able to get to it and buy them for me!
Have a wonderful time, I’m sure you will :grin:

KBCreations, I do like to spend some time by doing embroidery and cross-stitching as well. It’s not so much free time for doing that, but recently I was preparing for Christmas, and was wondering about a gift I could make for my son, who loves Star Wars, and here is what I found on the web ( source: ). They made patterns with pictures from this movie, omg. I’ve spent three days, but I’ve done it :slight_smile: