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Kraft envelopes

Lately Ive really got into Kraft card, eg cards in the middle

I thought about envelopes to go with them. I have some plain white paper envelopes from other cards but wondered if the kraft style envelopes would be better.

Has anybody bought/tried kraft style envelopes? Are they less thick that the card(sorry if that’s a silly question) and do they look nice? I have a dreadful feeling il buy some and they will just be the brown envelopes we get bills in.

I’ve bought some in the past. They haven’t been the horrible bill style envelopes. They’ve been thicker than that- but I don’t think the brown bill envelopes look ‘kraft’ anyway. They’re a lighter brown and do t have the flecks in.
I think they look smarter than the normal white ones personally. They seem to be much more popular now too. As do square cards as apposed to rectangular ones.
But I was happy with the Kraft envelopes- they definitely didn’t suggest ‘bill’. :blush:
I think the card needs to match the envelope too.

i’ve recently bought ones from ebay and they were of good quaility - not like bill envelopes. they are thicker and of much better quality & look good…
i think kraft envelopes would look better than white envelopes with kraft cards

I use little C7 kraft envelopes for enclosing the receipt and my business cards when I send out my orders. I buy flecked ones from ebay and am really pleased with the quality. They’re easily the same thickness as a good quality regular envelope.

I love kraft envelopes. I’ve bought some in the past and they’re thinner than card but they look great. Mine were similar to these:

or these:

described as “ribbed”.

Very useful. Thanks for the info.

I just bought some envelopes. Exciting!!

I love kraft envelopes but i am too lazy to make envelopes! I try to keep any cards I do make to some standard envelope sizes to make my life easier!