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Envelope maker

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #1

does anybody use an envelope maker. Quite fancy getting one but I would have to buy larger paper/card than I have at moment , JUst wondered if anybody has one

(Minerva) #2

Envelope maker? Thatā€™s sounds interestingā€¦if anyone has one / tried it, let us knowā€¦

(Stephanie Guy) #3

I have a ā€˜we are memory keepersā€™ envelope punch board (on the recommendation of Brenda @teabreaks) and love it, I make mini envelopes for my mini art.

You can see some pics of my envelopes in this packaging blog post here

(Brenda Cumming) #4

I have every envelope maker availableā€¦lol
I have the We R memory Keepers oneā€¦that is very goodā€¦I use that for my tiny aceo envelopes.
I have the one by Stephanie Weightman, which is good, but as you say, you need very large paperā€¦I have used brown paper from the post office.
I have a brilliant one that you draw round for A6 size envelopesā€¦(I use that one the most but it is just the one sizeā€¦(just takes one sheet of A4)
Then I have a template by Payperā€¦that includes square templates and C5 templates that makes a larger envelope from TWO sheets of A4 paperā€¦(I use that one a lot as well)
THEN I have the Ultimate Pro from Crafters companion where it tells you what size paper to cut for which size envelopes you want and I even use the Ultimate pro to make custom envelopes for my 7x5 paintingsā€¦
I havenā€™;t bought an envelope in years !!!
It all depends what you need and if you need various sizesā€¦
I buy coloured pc paper for most of my envelopes and can make up to 500 envelopes from a pack of pc paperā€¦I just use a glue stick to stick the envelopes down.
However if you are selling the envelopes (with a card) then you can buy something called ā€œlick and stickā€ and Stephanie Weighman sells a special glue that once dry can be licked like commercial envelopes.
Hope that helpsā€¦lolā€¦(I LOVE making envelopesā€¦lol).
OH and I have the Kreate a lope from the USā€¦brilliant but sadly the US sizes are different to our sizes and so not always suitable.!

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #5

wow! that is very useful information! And I always wondered how you glued them down! Can I ask where you buy your paper? I think I will treat myself to one! Thankyou very much!

(Brenda Cumming) #6

I go to places like Wilko or Morrisons or I have just ordered 50 sheets of A4 paper (in the colour of my choice) for Ā£1.99 post free from Amazon. Failing that any white pc paper from Tesco etcā€¦look out for the large packs of coloured paper, which you sometimes see in Lidl.

(Elizabeth Edwards) #7

I bought mine from Crafters Companion. I looks like a pink suitcase - gone wrong - but Iā€™ve always found it useful.
Itā€™s plastic and made up of flaps containing templates for card making - Gatefold, concertina, tri-fold, half fold, A5, A4 etc. Included are envelops & envelobox maker.
Itā€™s called The Ultimate Pro & cost me about Ā£50 but is worth having especially if you are into card making.
It has 10 functions. Card maker, Envelop scorer, Box folder, Envelobox maker, Decorative lines & corners, Popout & K-card creator, Bow maker, built in paper trimmer & storage. You can also add more templates to this
Itā€™s probably worth taking a look at
Hope this helps.

(Brenda Cumming) #8

I also have the Ultimate Pro and use it for making all sorts of envelopes and boxesā€¦worth every penny that it cost.

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #9

think im going to treat myself to one!

(Leslie Morton) #10

I have a Crafterā€™s Companion too. I have both box maker and envelope maker.

There are numerous free templates on line. I often use them and then use one of the CC boards to score so itā€™s nice & crisp. I find these templates give you many more choices of specialty envelopes.

(juancarlosved) #11

I have never used a envelope maker. I am thinking of trying it.