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Anyone make envelopes?

from recylced paper?

I used to do this a lot but kind of got out of the habit but have been reminded by a post on pinterest.

My old school friend always loved to received letters and when she got married and moved away myself and our other close friend used to send her letters. But we never used normal bought off the shelves envelopes we made our own.

So I decide it was time to revive our old habit, last night I made a card for my friend and then made the envelope from a page out of last years flower seed catologue. I know she’ll be over the moon and will know straight away who it’s from without having to open it.

Has or does anyone else do this?

oh yes and I’ve just made a whole load more all different sizes from my flower seed catologue and from an old Car magazine. So lots of lovely cars and shiny car parts envelopes.

I make ALL my envelopes.
for the aceos that I sell, I tend to use pages from magazines or even Christmas wrapping paper.
For the ones that I post I buy coloured copy paper. I would love to use magazines for these too but I worry that it might make it difficult for the postman.
I have envelope boards and the WeR memory keepers envelope board…plus the crafter’s companion board and Payperplay templates. I can’t remember the last time I bought a shop envelope.
I even have bottles of “lick and stick” to put glue on the flap for licking…yuk…although if I am using the envelopes myself, I tend to us a plain old glue stick.
If anyone is thinking of making envelopes…do it…it is such a satisfying thing to do…and helps using up some of the gumph that comes through the door as advertising material…recycle…


Brenda we always stick on a clear white label for the address when we make them from magazines. Also the magazines are a bit waxy so if you use two sheets together you get quite a strong envelope.

As you can see this one is not quite up to my old standard but it’s nice and strong. I’ve just placed a piece of card over my friends name and address for the photo.

and this is my little pile so far


What a great idea I used to do this at school

Love them. Thats a great idea… I am just about to start my diy project now! I feel as though I should hang it on my wall with all my art work, they are so cute.