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Packaging for handmade cards - what do you use?

I only sell a few cards and so far have managed to recycle packaging, but I was wondering what all you card makers use when you post them out. Most of my cards have some embellishment on so they are not totally flat. Do you use jiffy bags or board backed envelopes, or something else?

Mine first go into a cellophane bag. Then the packing note with thank you note at the bottom of it is fold around it. Then between 2 sheets of clean recycled card then into a padded/jiffy bag.

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I put my cards in a cellophane bag, then into board-backed envelopes (for one or two cards) or a jiffy bag if several cards or very embellished ones. Although I am very into recycling I always use new packaging and hope that the buyer will then recycle or reuse them in some way, but I know not everyone will, sadly. It’s on my to-do list to sort out recycled packaging though!

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Thanks, sounds similar to what I have been doing. I think I need to order some jiffy bags - I got away with reusing ones that my crafty orders came in for ages but have run out of suitable sized ones.

I’ve only sold a few cards and have sent them in a board backed envelope - just wondered how you got on recycling your packaging - I read a comment on here sometime ago that some customers weren’t very happy to receive their goods in a recycled jiffy bag so have always used new ever since which seems not very environmentally friendly but don’t want to upset the customers :slight_smile:

my cards come in cellophane bags with a thank you note and business card attached, I pop them in a plasticky envelope thing with a piece of card to stop it from bending. I like plastic envelopes because they’re cheap but they protect against the weather.

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Nobody has ever commented about the packaging Roz. I do state in my meet the maker section that I may use recycled packaging and it doesn’t bother me if I receive something in recycled packaging from another seller.

As long as its clean and does a great job of protecting the item inside I don’t think customer will complain. Maybe if it was going to the USA some might but most people in the UK are more interested in receiving their items in excellent condition and are used to recycled packaging.

In fact I’ve worked for large companies that reuse/recylce packaging.

Even my local haberdasry shop uses recycled materials to put customer purchases into. Ie they use glossy magazines which they make into bags and in goes a customers piece of fabric, ribbon buttons etc.

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Perhaps I’ll go back to it again then :slightly_smiling: although I usually just use it for when I sell stuff on ebay thats not new.

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i use hard-backed envelopes. if more than one card i use small boxes which can be bought cheaply online and postage wise are fairly cheap depending on how many cards inside. boxes can hold up to about 6 cards depending on how you pack them. (as i put cards in paper bags i can fit less in but like them to be wrapped. ).

i worry with jiffy bags that they can still get bent in post unless you put cardboard in.

i use new packaging as athough unfortunately not very environmentally friendly, i think it gives a better impression.

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I use cellophane bags. If its a freebie im sending with something in a jiffy bag il tape it to a piece of thick cardboard so it doesnt bend, otherwise il use a do not bend envelope.

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The few cards I make/sell tend to have ‘lumpy’ additions on the front (sea glass usually) so I send them out in a large letter PIP box - I feel it’s safer than a jiffy bag.


I use PIP boxes for my jewellery but hadn’t thought about those for cards. If I use a jiffy bag I usually put some cardboard in as well.

If you buy them in bulk I’ve found they are no more expensive than jiffy bags and save you the bother with the cardboard.

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I use a cellophane wrapper for the card, then that goes either in a board backed envelope (if it’s UK and a spell of dry weather) but mostly I use plastic envelopes with a piece of recycled card in to stop them getting bent - I know the card is already in a cellophane, but I like to know there is no chance of water getting in. I use the backs of sketchbooks, offcuts of mount board, and if I run short of those I use cereal packet card (one large piece folded over so that the print is inside and just the grey is showing).


I’m a big fan of board backed envelopes for keeping things safe and bend free.
Amazon have a good range.

Sarah x

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Recyled jiffy bags with a piece of corrigated cardboard (again recyled) to stop it getting bent.

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I like to use recycled cardboard in the packaging whenever possible. I also use plastic envelopes for the outer packaging.

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I use a cello bag with a business card, then l put them in a hard backed envelope, but if they have mulberry flowers or other raised embellisments then l will use a pip box, they don’t cost anymore to post, and l can get more then one card inside. I don’t use recycled envelopes but keep them for other uses, so they still get used.

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hi - do you give special envelopes to customers to use with their cards if embellished - or do they get ‘normal’ enevlopes? thanks.