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Anyone else had this. It’s supposed to clear up after a few days, but I’ve had it nearly 3 weeks now. I’ve been stuck around the house because I can’t drive, not a bad thing as it’s prompted me to do something with my images and to start painting…when can motivate myself that is :blush:

I only joined Folksy yesterday so I hope in time I can actually sell something! In the meantime I’ll just have to muddle on and try to avoid bumping into things :smile:

My husband had that a few years ago. It was going round where he was working. His Grandma had it a couple of months ago as well.
My husband was bad for about a month with it- and his grandma took even longer. Once you have it, it’s apparently for life as well, not where you’re suffering all the time but where it might suddenly come on.
Though my husband hasn’t had any ‘bouts’ of it since.
It is a bizarre thing. The doctor diagnosed it by standing him in the middle of the room and telling him to close his eyes and walk on the spot. When he opened his eyes he’d actually gone in a circle. Haha

Hope you feel better soon!!! I know it wasn’t a pleasant experience for the people I know who had it.

Good luck with your new Folksy store as well! :blush:

That’s a worry if it’s for life. When it first came on my head spun and I fell over :fearful:

I have had this several times over the past few years, and especially badly for 2 months earlier this year. The GP put me on Betahistine tablets, I had to have three two week courses of them. They definitely helped but after a while they can have side effects too, so it’s good to try and come of them as soon as possible. After I did stop them I still felt slightly giddy all the time, but looked online and found some vestibular rehab exercises. The main one I did was walking towards a fixed point and focusing on it while moving my head from left to right - it felt terrible the first time I did it and I had to lie down! But after doing the exercises for several days my balance did improve. Try to avoid coffee and alcohol while you’ve got labyrinthitis. I really do sympathise, it’s horrible.:grimacing:

I hate to say this but my daughter had it during her first year at uni and she was ill for ages. Unfortunately one of her ears is permanently damaged and she is careful about things that might make her dizzy. For other people it can be just a few weeks though. I hope it improves soon, it’s not nice xx

This sounds as though you’ve just explained what I could be going through. I’ve had these funny thudding noises in my ears for quite some time now and weird light headiness.

About 4 years ago I experienced vertigo(which is horrid) which led to labrynthitus. I was prescribed sea sickness tablets which helped but to this day my balance isn’t what it was.
The ear doctor couldn’t see a cause for it happening.
I can recall saying to the main doctor that its better when I drive, and his reply was it was because I was concentrating on something else.
Thankfully I havnt experienced vertigo again but as I say my balance isn’t too good. I havnt fallen etc but I just need to steady myself.
@tyrerart I hope things improve for you.

@ PaulinesCrafts yeah you need to see a doc about it just incase it gets any worse. The first episode I had put me on my backside followed by bad vomiting

@GrimmExhibition Thanks…me too…I’m getting fed up not being able to drive anywhere further than Asda :smile:

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I shall go and make a doctors appointment and see what they have to say. I always had an inclin it could be vertigo. My hearing occasionally goes muffled for a few minutes then comes back again.

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My mother suffers with it permanently , it has been about 3 years now.She was told it was after an ear infection, but didn’t know she had had the infection. She can drive and is fine when sitting , but is very unstable on her feet and rough uneven ground is a no go. The fear of falling is more debilitating to her than the actual frequency of falling , she is very tall and 75 and quite heavy, so she really hurts herself when she does topple over.
She lives in hope that it will pass as quickly as it came on.

Everyone seems to have different reactions/ recovery, I hope you feel better soon.

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