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New here , just a few items yet

I have used the ‘USA craft market’ with limited success and am trying out Folksy. I am a photographer and have listed a few items to try things out ( . Any tips on Social media or other traffic boosting options welcome. Where do I need to put in the hard work to get seen and sold ?

Regards; Chris Benton

Hi Chris, lovely images you take. First of all, you need more detail in your title and product description. I had no idea what you were selling and had to go and look up your about info. Bear in mind many buyers won’t bother to do that. Talk about the size, print quality etc remember that search engines like Google use the title and the description to find an rank pages so if you want someone to search ‘High quality photographic print landscape autumn’ and find an item of yours then you need to include those words. Keywords only work for the Folksy website. Perhaps a photo of one of your images framed to show people what it would look like on their wall would help too.

As for social media, I reckon Pinterest and Instagram would suit your work best, using hashtags on Instagram is a good way of getting all sorts of people to find your images, and you can pin items from your shop straight to your created board in Pinterest. I have no experience with Twitter so hopefully others will chime in with that. If you have a Facebook account you might want to set up a page too.

Good luck and lots of sales!

Thank you , especially the info on keywords, spent a lot of time on those too ! I have almost 30 Images to load so plenty of time to get it right ! Trying to decide wether to put most effort into folksy air etsy (want to use folksy as I am selling to UK but Etsy has the reputation) . Thanks anyway , will work on it.

I know what you mean, I have also opened a shop on the dark side - I just need to stock it! I love that Folksy is UK focused and is only sellers who create the stuff on sale, but I think they need to raise the profile a lot more. Many of my friends who have bought plenty of stuff on Et… had never heard of Folksy.

I’ve only been on here a month or so and still change my descriptions. I’m slowly trying to raise my profile on Instagram and FB page to try and get more traffic and hopefully sales. Participating in some of the threads on here may help too.