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Light box for birthday!

(Elsa Fuster Mears) #1

Omg! So excited!! Just got a light box plus all the trimmings for my birthday. Yay!
No more waiting around for a sunny day (live in Cumbria so the wait is often long!) to shoot rubbish photos.

Can’t wait. Wish me luck xx

(Dawn Sneesby) #2

You’ll love it Elsa, wouldn’t be without mine.

(Elsa Fuster Mears) #3

You’re right I think I will love it. Btw, your photos are fab! I have a lot to learn xx

(Martine Brumwell) #4

Sounds really exciting I want one :slight_smile:

(Samantha Stanley) #5

Hi Elsa!

I’ve just spent some time today at midday with a bit of watery sun, taking photos which were still going to the dark side! I live in Sussex and at this time of the year the light is not an awful lot better. I’d love a lightbox, fingers crossed for Christmas.

Love Sam x

(TerryChanceMosaicsEtc) #6

I just bought a lightbox a couple weeks ago because the sun always seems to shine when I’m sitting at work and it’s grey and cloudy when I’m home with the camera. I am really struggling with my photos! However, so far, I’m no better off with the lightbox as the light is still too low even with lamps. Have you got any tips?

(Dawn Sneesby) #7

Hi Terry,
What kind of light box do you have, is it one with separate lights that you place on the outside? My light box is a complete unit in white with the light which is a strip light already connected inside and I have found it to be great. If it is one with separate lights do you have daylight bulbs in them? you can buy them in places such as The Range, they are about £5 each and are very bright.

(TerryChanceMosaicsEtc) #8

Hi Dawn, your photos are very clear. I have the lightbox with the lights on the outside and the bulbs that came with the lights are meant to be daylight. I tried it with those lights plus two others, on a grey day, and the photos were washed out and awful. It could also be the camera (or the camera operator :-)) Anyway, I’m learning things all the time. I’ll have to look into the kind of lightbox you’ve got and see what that’s like. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.