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Light the Blue Touch Paper-How Does My Shop Look? ANY Comments Welcome

(Samantha Stanley) #1

At the start of a new year I have to admit that my shop may be the least successful shop on Folksy. My husband muttered darkly to me “There must be something wrong with that site…” However I suspect that it is more what I am doing on it than Folksy itself. In order to prevent him getting his own way and kicking Mermaid’s Purse into touch permanently I’m looking for advice to see if I can fix the problem. ANY comments at all are welcome and I promise I won’t take offence whatever you say!

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

You’re not the least successful - you have 2 sales! There are shops without any sales yet, so you’ve made a start :smile:

I’ve had a nose at your shop - love the way you do your photos with the shells etc. I looked at a couple of items in detail. I particularly like these:

However, you don’t offer postage for if a second item is purchased, which does encourage people to buy more than one item at a time. Also, you don’t offer overseas postage. Jewellery is probably the most prolific thing sold on here, so you need to offer it as far and wide as possible.

Where do you promote? You’re in a very competitive market, so need to make the most of any promotion opportunities.

Your items are very pretty - hopefully your shop will take off soon :slight_smile:

(Samantha Stanley) #3

With this postage thing-I wouldn’t charge extra if somebody bought a second item because the nature of small jewellery pieces is that you can get quite a few in the same envelope if you’re smart, but I don’t know how to show this on the page. I’m a bit scared of international postage as costs are quite high and I might need insurance so I haven’t covered that base-but maybe I should as it’s tough out there!

(Roz) #4

As far as I can see you have got the postage thing right - people will only pay the same postage no matter how much they order i.e.: additional items at £0.00 postage - I assume thats what you wanted.
Other than that I think its just about promotion, I had only a few sales for the first 18 months of my shop but in the last 8 months since I started really promoting I have been doing OK (not enough to give up the day job but enough to encourage me to carry on!) - I don’t know much about jewellery as I don’t really wear it so I can’t comment on prices etc but maybe if you had a few more items in your shop it might give the customer more to choose from. Also with jewellery being such a competitive market if you can think of a USP it might help you stand out from the crowd.

(Christine Shephard) #5

Your jewellery is lovely and photos are good, although a few could be a bit brighter I think. You aren’t including many measurements in your descriptions - saying a bracelet fits an average wrist isn’t very helpful if you don’t know what size an average wrist is - so it might be worth adding a few more, in both inches and cm as some buyers will prefer metric and others imperial, especially if you do decide to sell overseas.

Add more photos - one isn’t enough to really see an item. Try hanging the earrings, showing the necklace on a model, varying the background. Think how you pick pieces up when you buy in a shop - you don’t just look from one angle, you turn things over, hold them up, try them on. Your photos have to do all this instead.

Your name is coming up on your shop front as Mrs Samantha Stanley, which sounds a bit formal - just Samantha Stanley sounds friendlier, younger and more approachable.

International postage is not that complicated and can open up a much bigger market, so check out the Royal Mail website, get some accurate scales, and you should be fine. Standard airmail is not that expensive and you can use a tracked service is you want to - it’s more expensive but most overseas buyers are used to paying high postage costs and it won’t stop them buying if they really want something.

Don’t give up - as everyone says, jewellery is probably the most competitive craft on here, but can be the most successful if you get it right. Good luck.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

I have to agree with everything Christine has said above.

I don’t buy jewellery for myself as I don’t wear it however if I was to buy something as a present I would hope to find it wrapped and protected ie box or pretty bag and lots of bubble wrap. You know royal mail machines your package have to go through can damage jewellery. So I would look to see how it will be sent ie boxed or gift bag with protective packaging.

Also In would ask about your promoting what where and how often.?

You need to drive people to your shop. We can’t simply list and then sit back and wait for the orders to flow.

(Jo Sara) #7

The Folksy blog 2014 round up gives good info on how customers found the top selling shops, and other general useful info about titles and which social media was effective etc.

Worth a read :slight_smile:


(Samantha Stanley) #8

Thanks Roz. Sorry if I sound a bit dim, but what’s a USP? :confused:

(Samantha Stanley) #9

Thanks Eileen. I do promote my shop on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, but I don’t seem to get many views on my Google analytics page from either FB or Twitter, and as the Folksy blog says, Pinterest views don’t translate into sales well. I have struggled to get good followers on FB and Pinterest-so that may be the problem.

(Samantha Stanley) #10

Thanks Christine. I did not include bracelet length because that’s surprisingly technical when it comes to beaded bracelets. The straight length of the piece does not correspond to the fit (the internal diameter) because it depends on how large the beads are, so I decided just to class them as “small” “average” “large” but I see that that could also be confusing. I didn’t realise my name was coming up with “Mrs” in front of it-honestly I’m not that old fashioned! I can see there is a lot of work to do with the photos (which I was hoping to avoid as it’s not my strength) and postage but I did ask for honest feedback, so thank you again!

(Samantha Stanley) #11

Thanks to everyone for all your lovely comments-none of which were as harsh as I expected :wink: As I said previously it looks like I have a lot of work to do but it’s nice to have something constructive to be getting on with!

(Roz) #12

:slight_smile: - not dim, just me being too lazy to type it out in full! USP - unique selling point, something that makes your makes different from others. No idea what that could be but its worth thinking about. Good luck.

(Samantha Stanley) #13

Thanks Roz! I realized when you mentioned it that I’ve come across this before-but I was having a brainstorm at the time…

(Eileens Craft Studio) #14

Facebook is not as great as it used to be anymore due to the fact facebook really wants us to pay for promoting.

I would also suggest using google+, Wanelo, craftjuice,

I found my views have greatly increased since I started promoting in more places that just facebook, twitter and pinterest.

Also it takes time to build up views and then even longer often to build up sales.

Most business don’t start to see any kind of real progress or make any kind of profit in the first 2 years.

oh something I did notice you don’t have that many items in your shop so not a lot of different things for potential customers to choose from. It’s a bit like walking into a bricks and mortar shop and only seeing a few items on the shelf you’d soon leave again.

(Samantha Stanley) #15

Thanks Eileen-I had not heard of Wanelo! And I agree totally that I need more items in my shop.

(Samantha Stanley) #16

Hi Sara. I wanted to thank you for your particularly nice comments and showing the pic of my peacock feather earrings. I’m following your FB page and I have liked a lot of your posts recently-My fave is the rabbit line drawing :smile:

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #17

If I could wear earrings I would have bought those ones - but my holes healed up years ago and I’m too much of a wuss to have them pierced again :slight_smile:

(Samantha Stanley) #18

I have to wear earrings every day if I want to keep the holes open-but I make sure I do because I wouldn’t want to go through that process again either :wink: