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Just opened- what am I missing?

Hello! I’ve just started my shop over here so I I’ve only got one item listed so far. I think everything else is in order, though I just want to check I’m not missing any important information? Thanks for any advice!

Welcome to Folksy. I can’t see anything major missing but I’m sure someone more eagle eyed will find something. Do you have a facebook page? There aren’t any details of it.
(Also you mention a shop of a different site - you might want to remove that as Folksy’s T&C state that we can’t use this as a lead generation platform. So we are not allowed to direct people away from folksy to avoid paying folksy fees which telling people about a shop else where might be seen as doing).
Good luck

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Oh ok, I didn’t realised that, will change that now. Thanks!

Not got a Facebook page yet, it’s next on my to do list.

Welcome! :blush: All looks good!
One thing I would say- not essential but just looking at it as a customer would- I was looking at the photos of the pendant and kept thinking I wanted to see the back of it!
Probably sounds a bit odd! But while it’s very pretty & I think your photos are very good- unless I could see the whole thing, I would actually look else where. (The problems of online shopping I guess!) :confused:
Hope that’s ok! Otherwise it’s all looking good!
Just remember you have to promote like crazy to get people here so things like Facebook/Twitter etc are all really helpful (I saw you’re already using Instagram) :blush: Good luck with it all!

Thank you for your advice, odd I never thought of taking a picture of the back. I will next time I have the camera out and add it too.

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You might want to put something in your “buying from me” bit about what postage you use i.e… 1st class, 2nd class, signed for, courier etc as although postage cost is shown theres no section in the listing to indicate how its sent. I was also advised to put a bit about packaging too - some people want to know if packaging might be recycled etc. Otherwise - good luck.

Ah yes, that makes sense. Thanks

Add more items and been adviced to put some cheaper items to drive people in, addition to your cute necklaces:) Good luck for you! I opened a month ago as well, fingers crossed it will work for both of us!:slight_smile: