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Lights for photography

Just seen this on a facebook group. Dont know if the code works but anyone looking for a lighting kit may be interested - I have a similar kit and it seems to work well.

Apparently the code CD2LC7Z9 takes this kit down to £13. Click on the picture for the link.

If it doesn’t work I apologise - havent tried it myself as I already have mine :slight_smile:

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wow, that makes it an amazing offer - thanks for sharing.

Code didn’t work for me, but bought it anyway on a different deal for £25! Thanks, Roz!

Maybe it was only valid for a limited time. Glad you found a good deal though.

I’m looking at getting some photography lighting as I’m fed up waiting for the weather :slightly_smiling_face: and even then I know my photos could vastly be improved.

I’m looking at these (each have four bulbs in)

Or do I only need these with 1 bulb in each) ?

I take most of my photos with the item laying on the table.

I’m using the ones Roz @OrchardFelts recommended at the start of this thread. They’re perfect!