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Linking your Folksy shop and "profile" image is not correct

(Gem McNair) #1

Good evening all you lovely people of Folksy! I hope you are having a happy Friday so far.

I just wanted to ask one simple question purdy please, I link my Folksy shop to my facebook via status’es etc however when Facebook shows the wee link section and a picture my profile picture is wrong. Is there anyway I can change the picture that shows up?? Sorry if this is confusing!

Crafty wee cow

(Joy Salt) #2


I don’t understand sorry. The wrong picture shows where - here or on Facebook. What is it showing / what do you want it to show ?

Joy xx

Mysterious photo
(Gem McNair) #3

Hi Joy, Sorry it is a bit of a confusing one!

When I am on my business facebook page and posting as Crafty wee cow and I add in a link to my Folksy shop it brings up a little picture of one of the photos off my shop, I have other items in my shop that id rather use if this could be changed but just not sure how to do it.


(Leathermeister) #4

Can’t help but would love to know the answer as well Hazel

(Jan Ryan) #5

Sorry, I’m another who can’t help but I’d love to know if we could choose what image to use from our shops.

Last week I posted a link for my Folksy shop onto facebook and the thumbnail image showed a Christmas decoration!!

(Leslie Morton) #6

Hi Gem.

When you post to Facebook with a link to your shop, when the page heading is showing, the picture has an arrow and you can choose from 3 pictures as to which to display. I am not explaining this well but here’s a screen shot:

Hope this helps,

(Gem McNair) #7

Thankyou so much, this is exactly what I was looking for, thankyou


(Leslie Morton) #8

You’re very welcome. Not often that I can advise on using social media. :hankey:

(Joy Salt) #9

This is what it looks like when you post the link to Facebook

The grey arrows scroll through 3 pictures but no idea how they’re selected as my previous attempt brought up a different set.
I never use a link in this way. I Always upload my own picture and then add the link separately without the Preview and usually in the comment not the main post. FB will restrict views far more for linked posts than direct pictures.
Joy xx

(Sasha Garrett) #10

I’ve found that when people share a FB post with a link in it, just the link gets shared and the text associated with the original post is lost. Joy’s advice about putting the photo in and having the link separately would avoid this.