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(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

This forum is so so slow.

Can we have pages for threads please maybe they’ll load a wee bit quicker and it means we can click on the a page rather that waiting for it to load as we scroll through.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

I’ve never had a problem with slowness - what device are you using it on? Perhaps that makes a difference?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

I’m using Internet Explorer and everytime I try to open a thread or do anything all I get is the screen disappearing going all white with a message saying LOADING it’s very off putting and in your face.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #4

How odd.

I’m using Google Chrome on my laptop, and it’s really quick.

@SianFolksy - have you got any ideas?


I’m finding each page quite slow to load too and get the loading message. Not too bad on the shorter threads but have just taken a look at the pet photo one and it took a while to look through the 141 pages! Easy to scroll from top to bottom of a thread though using the up and down arrows in the green page no. box at the bottom of the page.

(Margaret Jackson) #6

What version of IE are you using Eileen? I use Firefox and have no trouble at all, no slowness or problems connecting to anything else.

(Margaret Jackson) #7

once you’ve posted on a thread you’ll get taken to the place in the thread where the new posts are, so that cuts out any scrolling


Oops think I got that wrong it must me the number of replies in the green box not pages!


Thank you, think it might take me a little while to get used to this!

(Margaret Jackson) #10

There are a lot of new features to get used to so it takes a little while! :smile:

(Joy Salt) #11

I’m not having any speed issues on either of my computers.
I use Google Chrome.
It may be that Eileen is on an old version of IE. I stopped using IE as i didn’t want to upgrade to a newer version and the old version (IE8) was not very compatible with Folksy which does tend to expect the latest versions of software, is not always very good at being backward compatible.

(Trevor Harvey) #12

I use both Chrome and Waterfox, both of which this site absolutely zips along on - it could very well be a browser problem.

(Sian ) #13

I’m afraid we can’t have pages, it’s not how the forum platform (Discourse) has been built.

If you’re having problems loading the image-heavy threads, I guess it might be an internet connection/speed issue. Also if you are using an older version of IE, you might experience problems. More info from

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