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Long process to list items

Just such a long process so many questions to answer

It does get easier with practice and most of them are useful for searches (both on Folksy and search engines) I don’t always fill in the colours and materials boxes as I sell mainly greetings cards and can’t imagine many people would search for them using those criteria. I recently closed a shop on another site and their listing process was worse, you had to click to another section fill in some information (basic stuff like price and postage costs) at least with Folksy you know you’ve finished when you get to the bottom :slightly_smiling_face:

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One question to answer is …Have you checked the link to your Facebook page
? as it doesn’t work for me :slight_smile:
Not sure if you are complaining or just commenting but believe me it does get much easier and quicker once you’ve done a few and I’ve done Thousands… once you have one the way your want it use Copy to create the next and edit it… much quicker than way xxxx

Oh great thats really helpful will do its painstaking starting out and having to go through it time and time again just havent got the time when nothing is selling either thanks for the info

thanks patience is a virtue

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yeah I also copy most of mine from existing and then amend. Trick is to copy the most similar item and check carefully as is really easy to miss things that need changing out. Also if you want to save before you’ve completed a listing you can click preview and then back out before listing and it’ll save in drafts so you can finish it later.

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It definitely gets easier once you’ve listed a few things. I just use the copy feature and make amendments though if you’re selling a lot of different items it must take a while. I find the photography takes a big chunk of time but I really enjoy staging and editing my photos to get the best results and I’m an absolute beginner. Keep going and you’ll get there.

believe me, Folksy is an easier site to list on than others :slight_smile: