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Look at my shop

hi how are you doing I hope your art is seling good
would you all like to see my new shop
you are all welcome to have a look
you can like share comment or just look
from pat art

It’s empty :triumph:


What should I be looking at?
Your Twitter link says you are in New York…is that correct?

sorry there should ba a painting in my shop
from pat art

ermmm sorry but there’s nothing in your shop and who or what is pat art???

Gosh I’m confused lol


I think it’s very confusing to have Paul Martin and Pat Hillenbrand linked to your shop. It’s not clear who is behind the shop. Also I can’t see anything listed in the shop itself? The Twitter account for Pat the shop is linked to says based in NY - if this is correct then you should know that Folksy is for UK based designer/makers/artists only. Before you list anything it might be worth reading the Terms and Conditions from when you signed up.


yea I do not know what wrong I have listed in folksey but I can see my listing but I do not know why youall cant I have on the dashboard in folksey that I have one listed no orders and havet paid to list I don’t know what has gone wromg

This is what I see when I click on your shop. If you are UK based (because it’s unclear) then it might be worth contacting Folksy direct. If you go to the Folksy Support page here, there is lots of info about setting up your shop you may wish to check, and if no joy, then you have a contact Support button on the right hand side.

I’m slightly confused too, are you based in the uk or long island? Your shop is empty :confused:

Now I’m even more confused. A new shop has opened up called Pat art originals…without the Twitter link.
Is this you too?

good morning from pat art originals thank you for your support hopefully if you look in my shop now you should see my painting I no it has only one but I only was goung to stock one for now until hopefully it sell what do you all think about that I am in the uk so I do not realy know why you can not see my shop but hopefully you can now like I say I have been painting for about 12 years but do not sell many online so I am not great at that but hopefully I will sel more on folksey etc and I will get beter with all your help
thank you from pat art originalls

I think you need to log out and log back into the forums to update your shop link as at the moment it is directing us to the wrong shop.
I did a bit of a search and I think this is the shop you mean to be directing us to.
good luck

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On top of what Sasha says above, you my wish to add your social media links like Twitter etc to your shop (not sure why you had a NY artist as your Twitter link?).

Folksy is a place for people to sell their work but every shop has to promote itself to get potential customers to visit. The people at Folksy have lots of info on how to achieve this on the Folksy Blog:

There are also regular group chats with other artists on Talk Folksy, and there is also #folksyhour on Twitter on Tuesday evening 8-9pm where we chat and talk about different topics so feel free to join in.

Good luck with your shop!

ahhhh I think I know what is wrong you have set up two different shops one called


Which has one painting of a house on a the lakeside with nothing in your meet the maker section

and another called this

Which has no paintings but where you’ve filled in the Meet the Maker part.

hi thankyou all for your help if you all would go to my shop link with my painting house near lake in and my profie please use that one also how can I post my shop link
from pat art originalls

ok just a few things your title isn’t that great, as you haven’t even put in the word Painting.

You have not used your tags either.

Think about what a potential customer would write in a search bar to find an item.

Your description is very vague and you’ve missed a letter off Acrylic.

You’ve not said if your measurements are metric or imperial ie inches or centimetres? In fact it’s always good to put both in. See some of my listing as an example.

You need to check your grammar and punctuation. Use proper sentence structure as it’s hard to read what you’ve put in the ‘inspiration’ part of your listing.

I would suggest doing what I do when compiling listings. I type everything into a 'Word Document first and do a English UK spell check and it also does a grammar check. Then once I have it written up correctly I then copy and paste it into my listing.

You’ll need to promote your listings via as many different social media sites as possible, also by word of mouth, business cards etc

No sure what you are /requesting

Do you want to do this?

To do this all you do is copy your url on your listing and post it into a thread making sure not to accidently hit the space bar before adding it otherwise the image will not show.

or do you want to change the link to your shop which is in blue next to your name? I don’t know how to do that, you would have to ask admin for help.

Hope some of that helps

facebook link