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My folksy shop

(Paulsart) #1
         hi there from pat art originals my folksey shop has new stock in 
           now so everyone is welcome and there might be a painting you like

(Qteacup) #2

It looks empty to me, and I think you mean “Folksy”.

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( Carol ) #3

I think you may need to work on your titles. No one is going to come on Folksy and search for ‘my cat’.

(Christine E.) #4

I love your naive style, hope you do well… :slight_smile:

(Qteacup) #5

Your user name does not link to your shop, it links to an empty shop, and the pasted link does work, but it is confusing.

(Paulsart) #6

thank you for support my shop link is

(Paulsart) #7

thank you I am for liking my art style
from pat art originals

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(Christine E.) #8

Paul, why don’t you sign out of the forum (top right hand side under your avatar) and sign in using your name and password for your “patartoriginals” shop. Hopefully the right shop link will appear next to your name on the forums. If you have any problems, Folksy support are always pleased to help…

(Paulsart) #9

ok thank you I will try
from paul aka pat art originalls

(Paulsart) #10

I hope this is right

(Paulsart) #11

my shop please take a look