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Looking for a designer to make me a star

(DSBlair) #1

Hi all, I dont know if this is allowed but I wonder if any one can help me.
I have an idea for a brooch or pendant for my wife.
It will incorporate her late father’s false eye.
I’d like the eyelids in metal preferably silver and have a few nautical themes around it, as he was a sailor all his life.
Many thanks for any help

(Deborah Jones) #2

If you are not in a hurry ,I may be able to help.i’m A bit busy until Jan.
If you have a good idea of the design, I could let you know if it something I could do.

(Sue) #3

I could do one in sturdy textiles. In blue, with a bit of green land, the lines like on a world map, spirals for water with a few fish and maybe an anchor, and a little sailing boat, no eyelids though!

(DSBlair) #4

Hi Sue
Thankyou so much for your idea its great but I do really want it to be metal and have eyelids, sorry.
Thanks again David