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Looking for a womans fabric wallet

(Hop Hop Hop) #1

I am not sure of what colour, perhaps pink, purple, black, blue, patterned or unpattened. But what i am looking for is plenty of card slots, a zip section for coins and a place for notes and vouchers. If you make one like this I’d love to see it as I’m struggling to find one at the moment. I was considering making my own as I have a design i created however unsure as to where to buy fabric, so if anyone has advice for this too it would be very much appreciated as I’d like to extend further than jewellery as a hobby.

(Sarah Lambert) #2

I don’t make them but wondered if you could make one as you said or buy one on here and then buy a plastic card slot insert- they’re about £1-1.50

(Kim Blythe) #3

I tend to buy some of my fabric locally, but also some online…
My favourite online shops are:

I would probably pick a firm quilting cotton for this type of project…or a cotton furnishing fabric(not too heavy).
There are some shops on here that sell fabric if you browse through…

(Elaine) #4

Hi @HopHopHop - I have a hand sewn lady’s fabric wallet in my shop. It is the only one remaining at the moment and is in gorgeous colours.


(Hop Hop Hop) #5

I have bought some lovely fabric to make my own, lets hope all goes well.

(Hop Hop Hop) #6

That wallet is gorgeous! unfortunately doesn’t look like it has enough card slots. I will however keep it in mind incase the one I will be attempting to make doesn’t turn out well lol. I could always use plainprimitives idea of buying a card insert.

(Hop Hop Hop) #7

Thank you for the response and links KBCreations. I will check those websites :slight_smile: