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(Kennelcraft) #362

(Helen Healey) #363

All caught up with my loving and pinning.

A new listing from me.

(Cheekymonkeystudio) #364

Hi All,
Sorry been AWOL for a wee while so busy with lots going on here i’m not getting chance to pop in as much at the mo. Hope everyone’s keeping well & selling lots.

Sharing my lovely seahorse mug, perfect for Valentines or as a teenage girl gift especially if topped up with some sweet treats!

(Dawn Marshall) #365

A new baby card just listed Dawn

(Karen) #366

Hi Jac @cheekymonkeystudio - lovely mug :smiley:

Welcome back Dawn @worldofcards

2 things to show you today - a bridal necklace and its matching earrings:

(Cheekymonkeystudio) #367

Lol… why thank you Karen :laughing:

(Cheekymonkeystudio) #368

Sharing my seahorse magnet today…

(Sarah Boddy) #369

Hello, we are based near Market Harborough. Greeting Cards, Gifts and Homeware all with a countryside feel!

(Karen) #370

Hi all

Nothing new to show you today - I’ve been standing on a freezing cold building site all morning wearing my other hat (on this occasion a hard hat :wink: as photographer’s assistant. Need to thaw out and put my feet up :smiley:

Jac @cheekymonkeystudio - just realised what I said :blush:

Welcome Sarah @SarahBoddy - nice to meet you. I’m already an admirer and follow your shop, but didn’t twig you were practically a neighbour :smiley: The idea of the thread is to pop by when you have something new to show us, an item that needs a bit of love and encouragement or if you’ve got any offers or events you want to promote and the rest will ‘love’, tweet, share your items and if you could do likewise that would be appreciated. There is a Pinterest board and if you’re on Pinterest, let me have your user name so I can send you an invite to pin - it you’re not, no worries, I or one of the others will pin for you - I’ve already pinned your card. Periodically I tweet the board using the East Midlands and buy local #tags And that’s it really - looking forward to seeing your lovely products :smiley:

(Helen Fitzjohn) #371

Hi everyone, lovely to see a new East Midlands face Sarah @SarahBoddy I’m just looking at your super shop…love hugo hare! He’s definitely going on my favourite list. :smile:
You’ll may need an extra woolly hat if your assisting over the next few days karen @silvertreejewellerydesign I just read snow’s on the way!:snowflake:
I’ve just listed the first of my duck egg blue dove range…some little gift tags

(Karen) #372

Unfortunately I can’t get a hat on under the hard hat - and to add insult to injury it forces my ears out from under the protective cover of my ears and exposes them to the cold. Unattractive and unpleasant - my favourite combination :wink: :grimacing:

I’m hoping I get a parcel today from the postie :smiley:

(Karen) #373

Yaay! My parcel has just arrived Helen @FitzjohnAndNoble and everything is sooo gorgeous - I’m really happy and the dove matches perfectly with the folk bird. I’ll try and remember to send a photo once I’ve painted the chest of drawers and the effect is complete. My sister will love the little robin and thank you for the little extra, which I’m sure Mum will love.

Thank you too Sarah @SarahBoddy for the beautiful cards, which I love.

(Helen Fitzjohn) #374

Fab Karen, glad they arrived safe and sound and your pleased with them too :thumbsup: :grinning:

(Helen Healey) #375

Hope everyone is well. I’ve caught up and loved everyone’s items and pinned to my East Midlands designers on Folksy board. Welcome to Sarah @SarahBoddy - I too was already following your lovely shop before you popped up on this thread.
I have these two new cosmetic bags to share with you. Have a good weekend.

(Karen) #376

Morning all from a very cold, damp and grey Leicester :grimacing:

I’ve got 2 items to show you today - a set of bridal/prom hair pins and some matching earrings:

Have a great weekend - stay warm and dry

(Helen Healey) #377

Ooh such pretty hair pins and earrings Karen @silvertreejewellerydesign. Loved and pinned.
Here’s my latest offering.

(Kennelcraft) #378

(Karen) #379

Than you Helen :blush: Another super cute owl :heart:

(Helen Fitzjohn) #380

Morning everybody,
Just catching up with what everyone’s been busy making. :smile: I don’t know if anyone else is the same but I’m finding Folksy really slow at the minute, luckily I’ve got extra freelance magazine work to do. Can I also ask Elisabeth @Kennelcraft and Helen @PocketfulCreations if either of you ladies make Roman blinds? My sister has some material and is looking for a someone to make it into a blind for her living room so thought I’d mention it to you talented ladies!

(Kennelcraft) #381

Hi Helen ,thanks for the ask ,unfortunately I don’t make Roman blinds. Hope your sister finds a talented lady .:grinning: