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I'm new, no sales yet but how do people pay me when I do sell something?

(Katie Percival) #1

Stupid question, probably. I’m reasonably new to Folksy, no sales here as of yet. I’m assuming my email address, which is the same for my PayPal, is linked and so if someone purchases off me here its automatically calculated and they will be directed to PayPal to pay?

I’ve been looking under settings for ages and cant see anything about payment, only the bill section (which is another question I need answering below).

I started here in November I think it was, and my Folksy bill is only £1.08 which is nothing, but it doesn’t say I have to pay anything yet and I’ve not had an email asking me to pay it, nor does it give me the option to pay outstanding (like Etsy does). Just wondering when you receive the bill to pay? does it normally take this long.

Think thats me, for now! :slight_smile: thanks in advance folks,


(Deborah Jones) #2

Hi yes your money will arrive into your paypal account.

Foksy wait for a bill to get to a certain amount before it is due , around £2.50 I think.

I would recommend you buy something on Folksy to familiarise yourself with how it works , then if a customer has a problem you will have a better understanding how you can help them.

(Christine Shephard) #3

In your Shop Settings, there is a box for your Paypal email address, which you’ve probably already filled in. That’s all that’s needed to collect payment. You may have to change some of your Paypal settings though, so it might be worth checking your account to make sure it will accept debit/credit card payments etc.

(Katie Percival) #4

Thank you! I’ll have a proper look on PayPal to ensure but I’m 99% sure its all set up correctly to accept all payment methods, I’m registered as a business user anyway :slight_smile: thanks for your help x

(Katie Percival) #5

Thank you Deborah! thats good to know, I’m trying to use Folksy more as a seller as I neglected it somewhat since I opened it however I’m looking for a few gifts anyway so hopefully will be buying soon :slight_smile: