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Maintenance mode from half-past midnight

(Doug Livesey) #1

(Doug Livesey) #2

(Amberlilly) #3

Is this why its coming up with the site being unsafe, this is what’s saying when I log on and my URL has http crossed out! Bit worried!

(Karen Ellam) #4

I have this problem too when using my tablet. Seems ok on my mobile though so I’m abit confused.
I hope it’s fixed soon as I wanted to list a few items.


(Doug Livesey) #5

@Amberlilly and @karenscraftybitz – Would you be able to post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?
There is an issue in some browsers (some versions of chrome, that we know of) where our certificate is being given an amber status due to the vendors having upped their requirements for a green status. This is something we are working to fix in the next couple of days, and in fact the work last night was the first move to fixing that.

(Doug Livesey) #6

(Amberlilly) #7

Don’t know how to screen shot, but as long as its OK, then good?

(Scatty Bun) #8

Hi, I’m new to Folksy, only got a couple of items in my shop, trying to list more this morning but getting the same message and completely unable to upload photos from my phone, whereas I had no problem at all with the first two listings a couple of days ago, so I’m guessing it’s the same problem

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and Chrome browser

Screenshot attached

Nice to meet you all!

Sarah (ScattyBun)

(Amberlilly) #9

I get the same message on my tablet, I’m using chrome.

(Doug Livesey) #10

@ScattyBun – thanks very much for that!
I suspect that’s the same warning that we’re trying to fix, but to be absolutely sure, would it be possible for you to click the ‘Advanced’ link there and post a screenshot of what you see?
And again, thankyou very much for your efforts on this.

(Karen Ellam) #11

Only just got back from work, but yes I have the same message as Sarah.
I can’t send you the screenshot because I can’t get past the warning.
When I click advanced it says ’ This server could not prove that it is It’s security certificate is not trusted by your devices operating system. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. ’

Hope this helps


(Scatty Bun) #12

This is what I got when I clicked “Advanced”:

(Scatty Bun) #13

I then clicked on "Proceed to and was allowed in, page looks like this:

I was then able to sign in and go on to fill in a Listing form, but only as far as the photo uploading, when it wouldn’t let me upload. As I couldn’t do that, I couldn’t finish the listing.

I have switched to Dolphin browser, and although I’m getting the same warnings, I am (for some reason) able to list as it WILL let me upload photos.

Hope this all helps! Good luck

(Doug Livesey) #14

@ScattyBun (and everyone), that really does help, thankyou!
It looks like the load balancer we were using didn’t have the intermediate certificate set up correctly.
We’ve fixed that, now, and believe that that should have fixed this issue – would you be able to confirm that it works for you?
And thanks very much again for your assistance!

(Thecardjeanie) #15

Hi Doug,

I’ve been having problems all day trying to log into my Folksy account but only on my Kindle. My PC is fine. It keeps coming up with a warning message saying that the Folksy site is not secure!! Any idea if this is linked to the above problems or is it my Kindle. Never had a problem before and even now its only on the Folksy site.


(Amberlilly) #16

Its still the same on my tablet @dougfolksy logged out and in again as well.

(Scatty Bun) #17

Might be worth you rebooting Jeanie, and Amberlilly - it’s now working on my phone, although it’s still showing the “https” in red and crossed out, but I have been able to upload a photo in Chrome, (although I’m just about to leave work and don’t have time to finish the listing yet). The security certificate warning I posted above has gone, other than the red and crossed-out “https”

Thanks for addressing this so quickly @dougfolksy, that’s what I call teamwork!

(Thecardjeanie) #18


It seems to be working ok now.


(Doug Livesey) #19

Hi – I’ve tested across a number of devices (android, iOS, windows, and linux) and that issue seems to have been fixed.
Thanks again everyone for helping spot and identify that!

(Minerva) #20

You would also get the above screen if you try to access your shop with url starting with www. This format is no longer redirecting to your shop as it used to.

The right way is: and You could even skip https.

I don’t know if this is the same thing you are experiencing and explaining above, but I thought I’d let you know.