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Sold a Double Size Patchwork Quilt on Folksy!

Sold one of my Double Patchwork Quilts ! Used to selling at Craft Fairs ,but glad that I’ve made this sale thro Folksy ,I’ve spent time blogging,checking my pictures ,asking and listening to you guys and it’s paid off ! So thank you so much ,my advice now is if you seem like your at a dead end with reactions to your shop ,change things till it works for you!


Congratulations on your sale. Your patchwork quilts are beautiful.

Here’s to many more sales :beers:

Karen :blush:

Thank you Karen ,so pleased :smile:The same day I got a commission for a blue Kaffe Fassett Double Quilt .:smile:

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congratulations on your sale - that’s great :slight_smile:

Well done - here’s to many more! Good to see the hard work pay off! :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your big sale. I’m glad to hear that your hard work is paying off for you :smiley:

You are so right! Not easy, but you just have to take advice, react to it, and keep plugging away. And so pleased to hear that people are appreciating your lovely quilts.

Thank you knew I’d get there eventually.

Well done!

Congratulations. Do you find the craft fairs are successful for selling/advertising your stock so customers also buy online? I was looking at a few but all need public liability insurance, which I have been looking into. Do you have this ?

Yes Customers are happy to take business cards and sometimes get back in touch for a sale online or made to order item.I have Public Liability Ins .It cost me £50 a year.Just had some flyers printed to take to Fairs for Made To Order items.

Thank you. Are they worth going to ? I have seen some lower priced ones for a ‘stall’ where they provide the table for you and you bring your wares. On the higher priced ones they ask you to provide your own table etc, Have you found this with the ones you have done?

Been doing Fairs for three years and spent the first year doing smaller ones and in different areas to find which area was good for me .Only ever attended ones where you get the table in the price .i now do Buxton regularly ,some Country Shows and another local small one ,all of which are usually successful .