Folksy Ltd

Making progress

(Roz) #1

Anyone else noticed the thumbnails on the listing page have changed to show more recently listed items, no longer the oldest items in your shop. :slight_smile: This is a step in the right direction, lets hope bigger and better changes are to come.

(Joy Salt) #2

OOOH so they have. Thank you whoever did that.

(Julie) #3

Hear hear to this!

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #4

We’ve only been asking for it for a few years…but it’s nice it’s finally happened.

Hope it doesn’t take so long to sort the unwanted link / button in our shops, though…

(Kim Blythe) #5

Button looks even bigger this morning…but that’s probably my imagination…

(Denise Milward) #6

Oh happy day,calloo callay! To quote Ed Lear of course. Now all we need is more public awareness…Folksy forehead tattoo, anyone?

(Sarah Lambert) #7

I thought that yesterday too actually.

(Joy Salt) #8

I just CTRL / - a few times so it became much smaller but it was still almost as big as my elephant and I couldn’t read my text.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #9

yeah thank you for whoever sorted that little problem out its a step in the right direction although I’m still not happy with the other large problem.

It even allows potential customers to flick long the line to see even more newer items another good step in the correct direction. It has 8 items in the scroll altogether. Nice.

(Claire Davis) #10

That’s good, although like @DandelionsGallery says, we have been asking for it for years! I even emailed them about it once upon a time!

(Julie) #11

Actually, it always did have 8 items to scroll through, but not highly intuitive and was easy to miss. In my case I have 8 bags of buttons which were the first thing I ever listed, so it looked like I was just a button shop. Very much happier now that it is showing more recent products.

At least something good came out of this unholy mess - thank you for that Folksy.

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #12

Denise, your quote is from “Jabberwoky” by Lewis Caroll! :wink:

(Denise Milward) #13

Hummmmm.Sorry. Brillig and slithey gives unite. I’m not exactly on the ball at the Mo. My daughter had cats called Brillig, Gyre and Gymble …

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #14

I was just being picky… :wink:

(Denise Milward) #15

Long live picky! I do more than my fair share of being picky. 20 years as a teacher rather ingrains the habit, but no one’s perfect. Have you come across the North American Indians’ methodology? They deliberately put mistakes into their work, because only the Lord can create faultless things. Personally, I think it’s a healthy attitude whether you’re a God person or not. Could be a darn good explanation for your faux-pas too!

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #16

I prefer to do my best, but accept that sometimes I must settle for “Good Enough”, rather than “Perfect” (being a perfectionist, this has been hard to learn!) My long-suffering husband lives with two uber-perfectionists - it’s a wonder he’s still alive!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #17

That’s the Amish with their quilts :slight_smile:

(Denise Milward) #18

Not a Virgo are you? My OH is and he’s extraordinarily perfectionist for some things, but still leaves his dirty socks on the floor on his side of the bed!