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SEO Google PLA question

Can somebody please confirm the latest situation with the automatic Google PLAs please?

Does it work only on a new listing typed in by hand? Or if I copy an existing listing and edit for different size/colour etc, does that work too?

What about re-lists? I have some “old” items that are bestsellers elsewhere, and relisted because they’ve sold 20 or 30 times over. Here they seem to be invisible! Do I need to re-type from scratch so Folksy sees it as a “new” and therefore good thing?

This promotion tool is here for us to use, but I can’t be using it correctly at the moment :frowning:

Wow! Over 40 people have looked at this so far, but no replies. Does that mean everyone else is as confused as I am?

Perhaps @folksycontent or @dougfolksy can shed some light?

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I can’t find my old relisted listings or my new typed from fresh listings in the PLAs so no idea - makes me wonder if they don’t show up there at all (items show up in the normal search results but not under the shopping tab).

Well I didn’t reply because I don’t even know what a PLA is. You say it’s a tool we can use, what is it and how do I find this tool please?

@LittleBeader PLA stands for product listing adverts - this blog entry probably explains it better than I can

Thank-you Sasha, I don’t feel much wiser, it reads as though it’s something that happens automatically so I searched for something of my own with the exact words as in my description
‘Beaded wire heart hanging decoration, glass pearls and crystal heart’

Got my Pinterest page in normal results but nothing in the shopping section even when adding Folksy and/or Little Beader to the search.
Oh well.
Thanks for taking the time to help

Thanks @LittleBeader @SashaGarrett that’s the PLA thing I mean. I couldn’t figure out from the blog if it was brand new items only or what. I would love to use this feature properly, as my Folksy sales are few and far between this year.

I’m a bit confused about PLAs too - I’ve tried searching for my items using the exact same title that I’ve given it, and its still not showing up. I tried looking for one of yours too @LittleBeader (searched for ‘10 large metallised bicones antique gold’ and didn’t see anything of yours either). All my listings are new (not relists), although the ones I searched for have been there for a couple of weeks now so I’d have thought there’d been time for at least some of mine to be in the system…

Not sure if I’m doing it wrong or something, but all seems a bit strange! :thinking::question:


Hi Sarah, I radomly picked one of your items and did a normal Google search got a great search result.
First I did ‘Family personalised wall sign plaque, suitable for inside and outside use’
and there you were right at the top in the images and also 3rd place in the normal results.
Then I shortened it to ‘Family personalised wall sign plaque’ and you were still the top answer :slight_smile:
So then I tried my ‘10 large metallised bicones antique gold’ and that was top answer too but it came up above the images, my photo not there though.
@Rosesworkshop found your hairbands in normal results as well :slight_smile:
All results just normal listings Folksy doesn’t seem to come up in the shopping section at all.
As the normal Google results seem pretty good I don’t think we should worry about it too much.

Thanks very much Sue - I didn’t actually search just as a normal google search, I was just doing a shopping search to see if anything of ours was coming up there. Really pleased we’re all showing on the search results, although I do wonder why the PLAs aren’t seeming to be working as Folksy describe - and to be showing as a visual result in shopping would be brilliant.

Very weird, I guess there must be some explanation but I’m not sure what it would be!!

Sarah :slight_smile:

Great that things are showing in normal Google search, but I thought this PLA thing put it into the shopping section. Maybe I’m misunderstanding it.