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Message I've received about a listing - weird feeling about it

Hi everyone,

I’ve just had a message about one of my listings. it asks, and I copy it here:

‘hi Seller,I’m Jane by name,i saw your item posted on here and am interested in purchasing it,before i proceed with payment i will like to ask some question about the item: are you the real owner of the item?is the item still available for sell?what is the present condition of the item?do accept PayPal as your mode of payment and what is the final asking price of the item?so pls kindly get back to me on my email for fast respond’

then her email address. I’m not of a mind to answer this as lots of her questions seem answerable just by looking at my shop. it feels like spam?

thanks for any help! trudi x

Delete it!
It’s doing the rounds again… I had one too today.This type of email with odd wording shows up every now and again.
I bet it was your most expensive item they were querying?


This is worded like a very well known scam - your intuition is bang on! typicially they target higher price itemsreport to Folksy admin as a suspicious message/customer and do not reply to them. Regards Dawn

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I was going to say what’s already been said. Don’t reply just delete it.

Hi all

This user (smithJane) has been removed from Folksy. If you have received an email from them, please don’t reply - just ignore/delete the email.

If you receive similar suspicious messages from any other username, please forward the email to us at

More info:


Thanks, all!

Funny, something just told me it was strange. Thanks for all the input. Yes, it was on a high value painting - makes sense.

Anyway, all good, i will delete it straight away!

Nice to know you are all there!!! :smile:


I just received the same message today,I thought it was too fishy asking several questions that were answered in the description…so this is a scam ,I will delete the email. :confused:

I was going to copy & paste some things I typed in another thread, but then I thought I’d provide the thread instead. It’s good for new shops to read: Suspicious emails

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