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Money box today (13th)

Moneybox on radio 4 is doing a piece on handmade items. Wouldnt it be ace if we (folksy) could get in the on the chat, @folksycontent

Does anyone know if there is a hashtag that I can use to comment. (I am not very good at tweatering)

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yessssss! Folksy was mentioned


I think it was actually You and Yours on Radio 4 (unless Money Box is doing one too). They named Folksy briefly among other sites (including NOTS! Why!? I can’t understand why they’re known as a handmade site!) They opened with a mention of Amazon Handmade and interviewed someone from Etsy. They also interviewed a jeweller who makes a living from her craft.


I listened to this and found it very interesting.

The jeweller was making the comment that it was hard to compete with people making stuff just for a hobby.

I am more and more coming to the point of view that you can’t make a living from craft unless you position yourself in a very niche environment or raise your game (skills) to a level that means you can charge top dollar.

I don’t understand why they are still called Not on the High Street either, anymore, as you can buy plenty of the merchandise in those shops from high street stores… It’s a great case of clever marketing.


Yes I agree about NOTHS a lot of the stuff there although handmade is very commercial. I also hate their search, you can never find what your looking for - not that I go there to buy I just like to have a nosy.


I’m sure I saw some stuff on a FB post from NOTHS that was “handmade in India.” This is surely mass-produced as it was silver with labradorites at a price that would be impossible to compete with. I know they say they list stuff from “small scale manufacturers” but if those include China and India, it’s a bit of a joke. The customers may as well go on Eb*y.

Sam x