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Monthly search trends..?

I was thinking how it would be really interesting to know what the, say, Top 20 search trends were for each month - just to get an idea of what people are coming to Folksy and looking for. I’ve had a dig around on the forums and on the Folksy blog, but can’t really find this sort of information. Not sure if I’ve missed it somewhere? :slight_smile: :thinking:


I’d love to know too.

Folksy have never provided us with that sort of info. I’m not sure if they would be able to collate both the internal search terms used and also the search terms used in eg google that bring people here so if they did provide us with data it might only have come from one source and not necessarily be representative.

I managed to find similar information on the Folksy blog about most popular search terms, but I think it was from something like 2015 or 2016, and it was for a whole year rather than the month (whereas more up to date, current info would be really useful) - so I’m guessing there is the capability.

I was thinking of the search terms people use when they’re on the site, rather than the Google terms that brought them here (although that would be interesting to know too! I wonder if they might have access to that through their analytics or something…)

Tagging Camilla @folksycontent in case you have any thoughts? :slight_smile:

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Oh that would be interesting

Sounds like a great idea, i am sure something like google analytics might help with that data. It would be great if HQ could provide it.

Oh that would be really interesting to know - and extremely helpful too. :slight_smile:

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