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More than one item randomly appearing in listings

(The Clockwork Jewel) #1

Hello, I’ve just noticed that certain items I listed, of which there are only one each, as they’re all one offs, have suddenly gone up to two. In as much as I only listed one of every item, and then the number of some of them went up to two, without any action from myself apparently. Not just recently listed ones either. Has anyone else had this problem? It could prove very awkward and lead to bad feedback if someone bought and paid for two when only one existed!

Thank you, Michelle - The Clockwork Jewel.

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #2

Hi, have you reported this to Folksy as a bug? (you will find this via “Help & Support” at the very bottom of the Folksy front page/home screen.


(The Clockwork Jewel) #3

Oh no I hadn’t, I thought I’d see if it was common first, but I will now, thanks Lizzie :slight_smile: