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More Than One Shop Logging In?

(Stephanie Short) #1

hi When posting, how do you change from the profile/avatar for one shop to the profile etc for your other shop?
I’m showing as Stephanie Short but logged in as from my other shop which is Steph Short Supplies?

(Helen Smith) #2

I had that problem, I found that if I logged out of the forum and then just clicked across again from the shop I wanted to be here it worked ok.

(Helen Smith) #3

Now I have a session open in one browser for one shop and in another for the other (this is me too!) and I can switch between them really quickly. I do need to remember who I am at any one time though to aviod confusing people!

(Stephanie Short) #4

Hiya thanks for replies, I’ve just posted on the showcase and even though the item is from my supply shop and I’m logged in as from that shop, I’m showing as stationery shop?? Any advice?
Steph x

(Helen Smith) #5

It doesn’t matter where the item is from, or which shop you are logged in as on Folksy, if you are logged in already here. If you change what you are logged in as on Folksy it doesn’t automatically change here, this is a separate system with a separate login.

You need to log out of the forums, which you can do by clicking your avatar in the top right hand corner. Then come back to the forums by clicking the ‘Talk Folksy’ button when you are logged in to Folksy as whichever shop you want to be in the forums. Hope that makes sense?!

(Stephanie Short) #6

Thanks Helen, much appreciated!!
Steph xx