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Moving items in shop

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

I’m using the correct click and drag in the correct section in the Dashboard however my items are not staying where I’ve put them.

I having a dreadful time trying to make my shop items appear in the order I want.

I’m trying to move all my Christmas items to the rear of my shop.

Anyone else having problems?

oh yes I’ve been trying in Firefox and IE some times it works in either but most of the time they are not staying where I put them.

(Oh Button Me) #2

Yes I tried to move some items the other day and they would not move.
Dunno if its as I’m on the tablet and not on the laptop?

(Jan Ryan) #3

Ok, so I’ve just been into my ‘shopkeeping’ section and moved a few items around, if I tried moving them just one space, either up or down, they didn’t move and ‘sprung’ back to their original spot, if I moved then two or more spaces then they moved fine. ??? I managed to get all my Christmas ones to the bottom, I hope yours are now moveable.

(Christina Green) #4

Hmm. Yes, I’ve had some problems too. I’m using Chrome on my laptop. Some things wouldn’t move at all and then, all of a sudden they would move and stayed where I put them. A bit of a glitch, I think.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

I’ve not tried to day but yesterday was dreadful as sometimes they went where I put them some just sprang back and some went where I didn’t place them or even go back to where they were so were in a completely different place. It was most annoying and confusing.

I’m going to try to move some more now.

(Jan Ryan) #6

Good luck :slight_smile: I hope it’s better than a few days ago x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

Well I just moved a few items but non of the ones I’ve moved up have ended up where I put them they are more or less in the right area but not quite where I wanted them.