Folksy Ltd

Anyone else having trouble with the Shopkeeping page?

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #1

I’ve listed several new items and want to drag them up from the bottom of the list to the top so that they can be seen on the first page of my shop. But every time I try and use the Shopkeeping page it freezes, and I have to close the page down, and start again. Have tried several times now, but it keeps doing the same.

I want to feature some of the items as well, but as I can;t get the page to do anything I can’t scroll down to those items to feature them.

Am I the only one with this problem, or are others having trouble too?

(Roz) #2

Mine seems to be working fine.

(Kelly) #3

I think the shopkeeping page would be so much easier for the point of viewing and re-arranging our items if it displayed as a gallery instead of a list. x

(Patricia Smith) #4

I find that I can’t drag and drop Shopkeeping page items on my iPad, but it works fine on my ancient desktop!

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #5

Mine usually works ok, but slow. I’ve had more items in my shop than I do at present, but when you have a large number of items it’s really frustrating to have to move newly listed items from the bottom to the top - even with the one click move to top option it’s very slow. And as for re-ordering items in the middle - nightmare!

Still, I remember when we couldn’t change any orders at all, so I shouldn’t really complain :slight_smile:

(Melanie Commins) #6

Agreed! I get brain ache counting down the list in order to mentally calculate how it’s going to look on the page. :blush:

(Kelly) #7

So do I Melanie. x @Beledien