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My first Folksy purchase doesn't seem to have been sent

Hi everyone. On Tuesday last week (10/11/15) I made my first Folksy purchase. I’m a new seller on Folksy and have had my shop for less than a month. I am eagerly awaiting my first sale and like everyone else here I will be delighted when that day arrives! However, I’m really disappointed to see that my first purchase doesn’t seem to have been shipped yet (5 days after I placed the order), unless of course the seller hasn’t updated the item details to say the item has been posted.
Now, as a newbie here, I don’t want to be causing any upset or bad feeling, but I’m disappointed that while some of us are so looking forward to the day we get a sale here, some other shops are coming across as a bit blasé about their sales and shipment details. Is this the image we want to give to the general public about buying from Folksy?

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What does it say on the listing about shipping times? The default is 3 working days (I think) which would mean it should have been shipped by Friday last week. Do they ship first or second class? That would make a difference too.

Sometimes sellers do forget to update for shipping, so it may be on its way anyway. If you don’t receive it and hear nothing from the seller after about 10 days, I’d get in touch and check with them.

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Welcome to folksy and sorry that you are feeling disappointed. As you say it might be that the seller hasn’t updated the order to indicate that it has been shipped but have you checked the timelines that the seller has inputted for the item? Some of the items I sell are made to order and that’s not always possible in 3 days so I set those posting dates for longer, the crafter in question might have been busy this last week making your item ready to post on Monday. Try contacting them.

Hi Jane, welcome to folksy, I’m sure i speak for most when i say we take our business very seriously, yet i can say in every business you will get the odd one or two that arn’t as active, most sellers on here also have day jobs and have to fit post and packing etc into their busy schedule.
In fairness 3 working days is not a long time scale, most don’t count Saturdays and Sundays, have you checked on the listing as usually it will say ships within a specified time period, ie 1 day, 3 days, 5 days etc.
If it states within 3 days and just incase there has been a technical issue along the way, if there is no update tomorrow you could message the seller to ask if the sale has been logged on her/his account and if the item has been posted.
Hope that helps.

Thank you Christine, Sasha and Jax for the replies. I’ve checked the sellers page and it says to allow 3 - 5 working days for despatch. So I’m happier now. :blush: x


I’m pleased you managed to find the information :smile: