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How Long Til First Sale

So I’ve been on Folksy for under a week now. I’m under no illusion that the minute I set up shop I would start piling in the sales. I don’t necessarily foresee it picking up in the next few weeks or anything. I get that this is a patience and promoting game. But I’m interested to know from those who have been around awhile how long it took to get the sales coming in - for the first time, and then somewhat regularly. I’m just trying to start to estimate the future of this business and what I need to get in place.

I appreciate any input anyone may have!
And if you want to give me a little push in the right direction here is a link to my shop - have a look! (I am also open to honest and helpful feedback)

Thanks!! :smile:

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hi there,
one suggestion about your shop is that perhaps you should think about filling in the ‘meet the maker’ section - i think customers like to know about who they are buying from and gives you a chance to say a little about yourself.
i hope that this helps.

ps your signs are great by the way and i like your banner & your shop image as a whole

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Thanks - I did notice that the other day myself that I’d forgotten to fill all that in! So I will try to get on that this evening. Thanks for the input!

I think it took me about 3mths for my first sale. I don’t get regular sales as I don’t promote enough! I’m still learning as I go, and am currently redoing some of my stock photos to freshen them up.

Might be worth adding inches as well as cm for sizing for those that still use the old system. I would also say whether it’s ready to hang or whether it would need to be propped against a wall. I would also include how you are shipping the item - is it by courier? First class RM or Recorded delivery? For example if it requires a signature for delivery this is something some buyers would like to know because of being in to receive the item.

Folksy is very much a site where you have to promote yourself to get sales, there is passing trade, but it really is down to the sellers to drive customers to their shop and tell people you are selling here. You have some lovely items! Welcome to Folksy :relaxed:


Yes, I was about 3 months before my first sale. Actually it was at a time when I hadn’t been on Folksy for a couple of weeks due to other distractions, so it was a real surprise to receive the email that I had sold!

As the saying goes, ‘a watched kettle never boils’! :smiley:

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hi -
do you know if there there a date on people’s shop when they opened their shop - sorry if i am being dim - i can’t seem to find it.

August is also traditionally quite a quiet time of year, so don’t be too disheartened if you don’t get a sale for a while :slight_smile:


i think it was about three months until i had first sale.

summer is supposed to be a slow time generally so i wouldn’t worry yet.

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I achieved my first sale on my first day but that was to a friend who was supporting my new venture. My first sale to a stranger was about a week later but I think that is atypical. Still wouldn’t say I achieve regular sales through Folksy and there are some months when I sell nothing (via folksy) but other times when it is much busier, I’ve learnt to live with the peaks and troughs.
Don’t worry about it and get promoting.

My first sale was in the first week which was a happy surprise. I wouldn’t say I have regular sales- but I think that’s due to what I sell- and I’m rubbish at promoting.
But my sales happen in fits and bursts. Sometimes I can go a few weeks without selling anything and sometimes I can sell a few things in the space of a few days.
I sell in various places though (here, Etsy, Art Finder, Country Living and a B&M shop) I also seem to sell plenty through Facebook, particularly to local people.

It’s definitely all about promoting and yeah like people have said- this time of year is traditionally the quietest for all sales.

Good luck!!

Took me 3 weeks to have my first sale, I’m still new here (my 4th week now :slight_smile: ). Also selling on Etsy - but no hype :slight_smile: Friends and neighbours like my stuff - so they buying or asking for special things when we see each other. Tried local craft shop - no luck, few pieces sold in non-profit organization helping local community, few pieces on fair. Not enough to treat my hobby as full-time job :slight_smile:

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I haven’t found it either, so if it exists I’ll be dim with you. :smiley:

Pretty much straight away and consistently at that point, but Folksy was so much smaller and there was less competition. Now you really have to fight to be seen so it’s much harder to get noticed

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I had my first 4 sales in the first month but that was when new items were shown on the front page (a long time ago).

I don’t promote due to other commitments atm, but those who do get results. You need to get your work seen by joining the daily listing club, using Facebook, instagram, twitter etc.

Use all of your 5 available photos on each listing, even showing work in progress if you want to. Read all the information on the Folksy blog about how to have a successful shop, there’s a mine of info on there.
Use your tags.

I love the Peter Pan Sign !

Good Luck :slight_smile:

I always quote the 3 Ps, Publicity, Promotion and Photos. I sell on here as well as Etsy and if you don’t promote any day and every day you won’t get sales. I work full time so can’t promote as much as I like, so it can be a very long waiting time. I have been selling online for nearly 3 years, sales go very well at craft fairs and by word of mouth but I find online very hard and extremely slow. Good Luck

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Well, I listed my first item here on 31st May, and I’m still waiting for my first sale! So, it could be a while… I’m concentrating on building stock here, whilst increasing my Etsy shop and waiting to decide about Amazon Handmade.