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My First Sale!

Just when I thought I would never get a sale on this site, I finally achieved my first one today! Many people told me that all I needed to do was be patient and it would happen eventually, and you were right :slight_smile:

I can’t even put into words how happy I am to think that someone likes something I have made so much that they actually want to own it - it really is an incredible feeling!!


Well done, just keep plugging away. Do you have any sort of social media that will help spread the word? :slight_smile:

Well done on your first sale. hopefully the first of many. I love your bear head cushion.

Aw that’s great, well done, you have some lovely things :smiley:

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your message :smile:

Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of social media. I did have a personal Facebook page, but got so tired of reading posts from people who wanted to tell the world what flavour crisps they were eating etc, that I abandoned it years ago! Apart from adding the wider range of items I have in my Etsy shop onto Pinterest, and handing out business cards whenever I get the opportunity, I don’t really do anything else at the moment, but I do realise that this is something I will really need to work on if I have any hope of getting my shop noticed, so I intend to set up a business account on Facebook very soon.

I hope you continue to have success with your shop - your items are super-cute!


Well done! I hope you have lots more.

I’m also not a big fan of social media. In general, not just work. I find working on my shop, learning new things and listing new items is way more rewarding. Time well spent and it is easier on my hands too. I do like participating in the forum where people write more than ‘guess what I did today’. I know what you mean.

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Thanks so much Sarah :smiley: You have some lovely things too. I’m particularly fond of your Calico Jack Russell Terrier dog - what a wonderful tribute to your beloved pet.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I wish you all the best with your shop too :smiley:

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I’m glad to hear that I’m not alone in my views about Facebook, Twitter etc Most people I know are astounded when they find out that I can happily survive without posting on social media every half hour! :laughing:

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Yes, we are rare species! But we do exist :smile:

Congratulations, may it be the first of many! It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it :slight_smile:

I’m a bit of a social media freak, I love it all. Shout up if you need a hand navigating it, there will be lots of us around to hold your hand.

Thanks so much for your message Stephanie :smile: When I come to set up my business account on Facebook, I’m sure I’ll need a few tips, so I’ll definitely bear your kind offer of help in mind!

Well done! You have some lovely things, I’m sure it will be the first of many. I’m not a big fan of social media either, for reasons you mention and that it seems to require so much time for so little reward. But am trying to think beyond the FB page… :smiley:

Thanks for your kind words. You have some lovely things in your shop too. I particularly like the silver textured heart pendant :smiley:

Thank you :wink:

Well done you! So far I have achieved 85 sales without using facebook or twitter!! I have always hated the idea of either but am considering a business facebook page next year however with 6 outlets and a weekly stall I just don’t really have the time!! However I am in love with pintrest, nothing really to do with the business although I do post all my new items I just love all the beautiful photography and artwork and can while away hours on there, not very constructive but a lot of fun!!!
Just a tip for you, you need to crop your product photo’s to be square before you upload them to folksy as you are losing a good part of your main image and as that is what has to grab your customers attention it needs to be the best shot it can be! :smiley:
I realy like your shop some very lovely things, best of luck with it. x

Congratulations - it’s a good feeling, hang onto it as there’ll be more to come!

Well done, your things are lovely, your fire and ice cushion in particular is stunning!

Congratulations, lovely news :smile:


Congratulations on your first sale! Hope its the first of many. I’m not much further ahead than you with sales, but isn’t it good to look at your shop and see items sold with a number at the side.