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My paintings - Paulsart

(Paulsart) #1

I hope you all look in my shop
at my new paintings your
are free to like or leave a comment on
the paintings you might even fin one
you would like from paul

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #2

I don’t know much about art but I think your paintings are lovely, good luck with sales in 2015 :slight_smile:

(Paulsart) #3

thankyou I realy appricate your comment
I hope to I can make some sales in folksy
this year have not sold in folksey
from pat art aka paul s art

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #4

Are you on Pinterest , Facebook and Craftjuice ? You will need to apply to use Craftjuice and they aren’t always very quick at responding so you may have to apply twice. However once on there, you need to get votes and once you have 10 ( I think) they will put your items on Twitter. There is Craftjuice thread in the forums where you post your submitted item and we all vote for each others items. All definitely worth trying.:slight_smile: